Zoujiechuanhang Peddler

by:NUTAKE     2020-09-21
Former old Beijing, there are so many special string the peddler, an old-style hutong go that its characteristic is the thin, cheap price gains practical, goods to the house, and patience, quack sweetly, kid sou have no deceit.Live in deep curtilage big hospital people hutong, without the need to travel can be in your own door bought gratified flexibly small groceries, small hillside, this is also a former Beijing hutongs culture, now that the landscape management methods and shopping custom as the changes of The Times and progress, strung hutong crying also only in some older people chat, or the television camera for to seek a bit sense and recall. Flowers, like like shoes Every summer, from hebei area vendors besides monopoly pattern will appear in the alley in four cities, all dressed in clean fit KuGua, back a lanbu installed inside the baggage, more than 10 big paper clip to different types of various sizes for sample pieces in inside, people used to generally called the kind of flower looks, shoes. It and folk paper-cutting, different is similar in mostly with scissors paper-cut with colored paper dab hand cut out all sorts of flowers and birds water flea, ShouXi ferro characters, for people to buy, scenery, etc, and to post or appreciation in a stack of shoe pattern in white paper grain down of sundry kedao, rare flowers &grasses musical group lace pattern, for household women an embroidered for samples.The big girl XiaoXiFu xinlingshouqiao bought in the pillow, for sample sleeves, vamp, DouDu, pouch, according to the pattern, vividly embroiders favorite fabrics. The peddler sells pattern of an old-style or in small habit stop crying, its front courtyard slowed the abnormal, first is peculiar 'son' the word is aggravating, then outstanding reversed, with deep words long but very pleasing of voice shout: 'the flower looks like pick -- pick', this kind of shoes in Beijing hutongs crying strong penetrating power deep curtilage courtyard came around to hear that sound, women is not to buy to also want to watch a lively, ran out of choosing sides suitable opportunity traffickers net to gingerly untie the burden, YiBenBen dazzling for sample attracts the person's eye, people huddled with, comments, pick the price, telling children are naughty geological the hawker hand over on the ear voice shout: 'flower looks like pick' pick -- shoes. Eleusine son peas In old Beijing's hutongs, some seasonal snacks snacks, like countless what fat furnace spicy chicken, sisters steamed cake, hardfaced BoBo, cream MaTang, frozen cheese, etc.That let people beef tendon, son peas, especially children drooling snacks right now, I'm afraid young beijingers rarely heard and seen.Probably because household business sales, especially production craft flow is lost's sake, city many delicious not expensive, unique taste of snacks, gradually by forgotten by later generations.Even now still reserve varieties, as they say: 'is that goods, not the flavor son'. The beef tendon, son peas made actually not difficult to choose good big grain of dry peas with warm water wash after soaking slightly, and the pot simmer stewing, add the prickly ash, cook;, cinnamon, fennel, nutmeg, salt, etc.Let cool chew rise has a steel, including lingering fragrance, leisure time in a pot of sweet tea steeps or this fell, deserve to pieces of beef tendon, son peas have a distinctive flavour, old Beijing ZouJieChuanHang beef tendon, son of peddle of peas hui brother, vendors of ancestral workmanship, unique ingredients let outsiders, they put it crediting the food in a LiuTiaoKuang back hangs over the shoulder, every rainy unbroken season, while people seldom goes out to stay at home, he could hear the hutongs and subtle gruff voice hoarse shouts: 'eleusine son peas, peas give'. Sing chatterboxes The last century old beijingers, 40s than now nature is drab, live in deep curtilage big hospital some rich have power people, and also just sit charter to the grand theater order a box of on a few games hear performances, the more a bit more exquisite footballing terms of birthday by gave the old man to do a full moon, or children, please a tanghui sing a few out, or play some folk performance, it is juggler is top notch entertainment.As for the mass of civilians, city, or those around overpass some seasonal temple fair, happy is enough.If occasionally to fall in JianLou projected on a door in the silent film, it was also a featured enjoy fashion culture. Old Peking man ever remember Beijing hutongs folk appeared so-called hutongs cultural and entertainment, people common reserve for the singing.Businessman shoulder a big horn, bosom embrace a phonograph and stack drink slice, straightening shouted: 'sing chatterboxes, who listen to reserve'.Living in small and medium-sized an old-style in siheyun of people free time, hear chatterboxes, then please send the door to the courts or house, inexpensive of vod segments to hear XieXie stuffy son ballad, also can add some appeal to day.Businessman open the phonograph, installation on the big trumpet with advertisement popular with hand operated on BaEr, full string, and carefully turned each a customer demand program: the law, JieDongFeng ma lianliang 'cosmic feng', mei lanfang, the fishing lidle chief of the law, WangRenMei scarabaeoidea YuGuangQu ', white jade frost's 'YuTang spring', and even the WangPeiChen iron drum etc, everything.Good guys didn't hear enough, some money also can playback.Businessman open the phonograph, the neighbourhood around children are gathered in a prurient interest to listen, reasoning, laugh and, feel happy. Now that the phonograph the entertainment tool also only in the old market stall can still see, or senior collectors maybe keep this baby.It is already obsolete, but after all, once in Beijing hutongs cultural history, for people brought unforgettable happy. For taking tours of Beijing and China, please visit beijing tour for details.
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