Your Unborn Baby's Special Music - Prenatal Lullabies v1

by:NUTAKE     2020-07-08
Prenatal Lullabies is specially designed for fetus and moms-to-be. A fine-selected combination of classic and prenatal music is added in tune library in this 1.1 version. From the very first sight of this name, you may associate it with a beautiful scene: a mother-to-be comfortably lies on the bed, a little sunshine bathes her and her upcoming baby, and a piece of gentle music covers the entire house. It is really very pleasant for the mom-to-be and her beloved unborn baby to be immersed into such a cozy environment. Exactly, Prenatal Lullabies can create that kind of music environment which is good for fetus as well as mothers-to-be. Prenatal Lullabies ( can help fetus gain the following benefits: enhanced attention spans, improved sleep patterns, increased cognitive development, sharper language skills, and the like. It has the following features:1. Lullabies that builds your baby's brain, and calms your baby with healing melodies2. Time-setting control that allows you to set the time you want the music to be played, with a maximum of 60 minutes per day. Recent research has found prenatal sonic stimulation should be limited to no more than an hour a day, since the music may over-stimulate the baby. 3. Six fine-tuned lullabies specially designed for babies and moms-to-be. Tunes have been thoroughly tested to ensure the frequencies of each tune are suitable for the fetus. Noises are minimized. 4. Provides more pregnancy knowledge for parents-to-be. 5. Comfortable interface and lovely pictures give mothers-to-be a delighted mood. Prenatal Lullabies' design is totally oriented to fetus' developing needs. Gentle lullabies, comfortable interface, proper time setting and informative knowledge are perfect for moms-to-be and babies. The tunes can put fetus and moms-to-be into a quiet and relaxing state. They can both get enough rest and keep fit. ( you or anyone around you is pregnant, it is a good idea to use or recommend Prenatal Lullabies. Play the tunes for your babies and they will feel your love and will love you in return.
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