Wow Your Audience with Your Range and Power

by:NUTAKE     2020-09-21
Many people who sign up for voice training courses complain that their voice lacks in range and power. They are tired of their voice sounding reedy at the higher end and not being able to take the deeper notes without sounding hollow. Rely on a vocal coach who concentrates on letting the student find his voice instead of forcing them to replicate some esoteric vocal concept. Popular singing requires not only that you have the courage to move away from the concept of beautiful voice qualities and classically trained sounds occasionally, but also that you have to abandon any ideas you may have about creating the right sound in a line or phrase. Whether you are taking vocal coaching in London to be the next musical superstar or to win some musical reality show, you have to work on increasing the range and power of your sound. The biggest enemy of these is shallow breathing. So when it comes to the sound is we end up using only four of our five vocal resonators to power our sound: the cavities of the voice box, throat, mouth and nose. To get a rich, warm and resonant sound, you need to use your chest cavity too. This can be achieved only with strong, supported deep breathing. You don't want to sound high pitched and nervous. Deep breathing will help you overcome the jitters to ensure that your voice does not sound quaver when you want to execute a vibrato. Do not release all your breath when attempting to sing, that essentially makes your voice softer. Keep control of your breathing so the sound resonates. A simple way to improve your range is to work with the exercise where you begin your vocalization on a comfortable range. Sing going up and down the scale within a mid range. Slowly increase or decrease, singing one or two notes higher or lower than your mid range scale. Allow your voice and muscles to stretch comfortably before moving on to much higher or lower tones. nurturing style and approach is second to none. And when you marry that to all of the vast knowledge that he has gained on the singing voice and its proper use, you have a winning combination that no other vocal coach can touch!
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