Why Wooden Toys Are Great For Children

by:NUTAKE     2020-05-04
Wooden toys are beneficial to children, perhaps more so than modern technological toys. Researchers have studied play and the way that children play with toys and how this can stimulate development. Most have shown that traditional toys (such as a wooden dolls house, wooden baby walker or wooden toy castles) may be the most beneficial type of toy to stimulate a growing child's mind and body. Children's electronic toys on the other hand can actually inhibit creativity and promote short attention spans. They can also limit a child's ability to think beyond the limits of their electronic toy because they have a defined start and finish or a single purpose. Traditional toys are less restrictive, allowing a child to think up their own games and outcomes. This stimulates general cognitive development, role play and interaction. Natural wooden toys are traditional and great for kids. They have many benefits including environmental, developmental, health and safety and durability. Wooden toys allow a child the freedom of imagination. The number of ways to play with the toy is only restricted to how well the child can use their imagination. The more a child uses it, the better it becomes. Also, the toys are not over stimulating and noisy. The natural texture of wood excites the senses and encourages children to touch, feel and explore. Toys made from wood are also better for the planet. They are biodegradable, recyclable and natural. Toys made from sustainable wood create less damage to the environment. By giving a child a wooden toy you are not contributing to the environmental damage that comes with making plastic ones, thereby also protecting the planet for their future. As an extra bonus the toys don't need electricity, software or batteries either. Wooden toys are a much safer alternative to plastic ones as they are all natural and do not contain high levels of chemicals and toxins. This is particularly important with babies who tend to try everything into their mouths. They are often finished with non-toxic paints, beeswax or natural oils. Toys made from wood will stand up to years of play. They do not damage easily. Because of their strength they can stand a lot more pressure and weight than other toys and this allows them to being played with in more ways than other toys. If you have oak beams or oak flooring in your home, you will probably already appreciate what a beautiful material wood is. Your children however will probably not appreciate the wood that makes up the house, but they will love wood if it is what their toys are made of. There are many reasons why wood is great for toys, so when you are next looking for something for a child to play with, try a wooden toy.
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