Why Kids Have no Patience When Playing With Toys

by:NUTAKE     2020-05-04
This situation was encountered by one mother. She said that her baby was more than two years old and she clearly known that the game was what the children want. Therefore she always bought too many kids toys for her baby. What's more, some relatives also send lots of toys for kids. However, it seemed that baby had no patience on one toy. For example, they always played with one toy for a few days and then discarded the toy in the room corner. For a long time, the room was stacked with all kinds of toys such as stuffed toys, wooden toys, plastic toys and so on. Why babies have no patience on playing with one toy for long time? According to the children development experts, the reason may be that they are not interested in it and therefore can't focus their attention on it. In this age phase, babies' attention is unconsciousness due to the limit of the development state of brain. Generally speaking, attention with consciousness is controlled by the senior part of the brain. Based on research data, the time of paying attention with consciousness for two years old kids is about ten or twenty minutes so that kids can't have a long patience on one things or one objects. In the case showed at the first paragraph, too much toys also provide an environment to disperse kids' attention. When watching toys at first glance, kids would show more interests on them because strong curiosity is the kids' natural instincts. Because of too many toys, kids have no enough time on one toy because they always think the next toy which he have not played should be more amazing than the previous one. What's worse, kids would form one habit of wasting in daily life because they think they own too many things. Suggests what I give showed in following. The toys you buy must be favorite and interested toys, which are more likely to make kids concentrate on things. At the same time, if they are educational toys, you should ensure that kids should use their minds to solve problem. If conditions allow, it is best to play with toys with parents because during the process, parents can give them some guidance. When encountering difficulties in the process, give some courage to them while when children have good performance, give them praise words to build their self-confidence.
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