Why Is a Steiff Baby Teddy Bear a Better Newborn

by:NUTAKE     2020-10-30
When you're looking for a gift for the newborn baby of a friend, relative or even your own there are lots of factors to take into consideration and you really want the baby's present to fit the bill. While ornaments and silver ware are precious and generous gestures traditionally given at a christening, baby won't appreciate those until her teens, let alone be able to play with them! One of the joys of Steiff Baby teddy bears and animals is that they are 100% safe for babies from birth and designed to be comforting, friendly companions. Steiff Bears have, from their very beginning, been committed to making quality toys for children. The company's slogan, coined by Margarete Steiff herself, is 'Only the best is good enough for our children', which says it all. While some think of Steiff Bears mainly as a manufacturer of stiff, traditional teddy bears, their range of baby-safe bears is second to no other brand for baby gifts. The company brings over 100 years of experience of making the highest quality teddy bears that appeal to a wide audience, and this experience of both design and manufacture positions the company perfectly to research and produce the perfect baby toys. Steiff designs are simple, cute and friendly; as well as carefully considered before ever coming near to production. In the Steiff Baby range it is usual to see a character appear in several sizes, colours and other variations, so characters are always versatile. Steiff Trampili Elephant, for example, is available as a cuddly toy, a comforter, a music box and a grip toy. The comforters are particularly popular as a soft blanket with a friendly face that babies can snuggle with to soothe them to sleep. The key difference between Steiff Baby gifts and many other brands of toys is safety. While many producers of gifts for newborns will achieve the minimum safety rating required, Steiff Bears go the extra mile, giving parents confidence in their products. All materials used to make Steiff Baby teddy bears and animals are certified by Oeko-Tex standard 100. This means that no potentially harmful chemicals have been used in the processing or manufacture of the materials - a comforting thought when you know that everything that baby touches goes straight into her mouth. In addition, all the plush used to make Steiff Baby toys is lint free, so does not lose hairs. Some of Steiff's baby toys go a step further, being made from organic cotton. As well as excluding harmful chemicals from the manufacturing of the fabrics, organic cotton is kinder to the environment and has no contact with synthetic agricultural chemicals during growing, storage or transportation. As with all Steiff Baby items, only safe dyes are used, with no harmful chemical content, ensuring the minimum possible risk of baby's companion irritating their delicate skin. Finally how long do baby's first toys last? While some of us may have a furry toy that we remember fondly and with nostalgia, we would certainly not consider giving that baby toy to our own children, amid fears of safety and cleanliness. Not so with Steiff Bears and baby toys. With the highest quality standards of workmanship a Steiff Baby toy is made to last a lifetime. To ensure this, every Steiff baby teddy bear and animal is fully machine washable, giving Mum and Dad confidence that the toy their precious child adores is hygienically clean. So that's why a Steiff Bear, made especially for newborn babies, is a much better present than a silver spoon, plastic noisy toy, or that cute, t-shirt -wearing teddy bear that may be concealing components that would otherwise be kept well away from Mummy and Daddy's pride and joy.
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