Why Babies Need Education at an Early Age

by:NUTAKE     2020-06-28
By education one does not imply sitting on a wooden desk and opening up books. Education at this age refers simply to touching, feeling and exploring the environment while being able to express what one experiences. Research in this field has proved that education imparted right from the beginning helps a baby's mind develop faster whilst also teaching a baby how to respond to situations socially. Having a stimulating environment around the baby does help. Babies often respond to the environment around them via expressions and their behaviour. Depending on what the environment provides, a baby learns from the people and the objects in it. Parents and teachers also are responsible for shaping a baby's behaviour with some ground rules that helps one know what is right or wrong; good or bad. Babies learning from this apply what is learnt to daily life during interactions with other babies or parents. They learn to ask for specific foods or toys, pointing out and expressing happiness or sadness. A nursery provides a very stimulating environment giving educators the tools and the opportunities to help babies express themselves and realise the power of communication in the right way. With the help of well trained educators, they learn to express the basic expressions consisting of joy, sadness, frustration and fear which help them cope with situations they face on a daily basis. The Kensington provides a stimulating and enriched environment at their nursery in the Dubai Silicon Oasis and also in their nursery at Umm Sequim. They have created speciality areas for children to enjoy special activities like their Interactive technology Centre, Majlis Language room, Art-Attack room, Music Room, Imagination Zone and Soft Play Area. The outdoor 'classroom' plays an important part in the learning experience. The garden areas have been planned for with activity, aesthetics and safety in mind complemented with an abundance of child-friendly plants and shrubs. The Kensington Nursery in Dubai is one of the few International British nurseries in Dubai which follow the Reggio Emilia Approach to childhood education along with The Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum; making this the best choice in education that your child deserves. To learn more about The Kensington Nursery, their approach or their environment, kindly visit them online at: http://www.thekensingtonnursery.com/
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