Which Types of Jewelry Boxes Are Right For Your

by:NUTAKE     2020-06-22
If you are in the market for a jewelry box, there are a number of choices at your disposal. In fact, there are so many different types of jewelry boxes today that it may be challenging to select just one! To begin your shopping experience, it is important to educate yourself about what is available. This knowledge will help you pare down your choices to the jewelry boxes that best fit your needs. This article will offer an overview of the different types of jewelry boxes available to help you find the best solution for your jewelry collection. Wooden Jewelry Boxes There is nothing more beautiful than a rich piece of wood, and wooden jewelry boxes always make a lovely addition to your bedroom. These pieces come in a range of wood types and finishes, allowing you to easily select the box that best fits with the design and colors of your home. The most common woods used for jewelry boxes are oak or mahogany, but you can also find boxes constructed of teak, burl wood or cherry. These jewelry boxes are often the largest boxes available, so they make a good choice for those who have extensive jewelry collections. Most wood boxes are lined with a soft fabric like silk or velvet to keep your jewels free of damage during storage. Some also have extendable trays to maximize space as your jewelry collection grows. Leather Jewelry Boxes Leather is a popular material for men's boxes, which are often referred to as valets rather than jewelry boxes. However, many of these classic designs are appropriate for women as well. The leather casings may come in a wide range of hues, from basic black and brown to rainbow colors like hot pink or lime green. Leather jewelry boxes may be a single tier with compartments for various pieces, or it may consist of more than one layer, either in removable or extendable trays. The inside of the box is usually lined in a soft fabric to keep pieces scratch-free, and individualized compartments prevent damage to your favorite pieces. Musical Jewelry Boxes Women and girls who love music boxes will adore musical jewelry boxes that provide storage, as well as style. These musical boxes come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and materials, allowing everyone to find a box that fits her needs and style. Musical jewelry boxes can often be customized, so you can choose the box you like and then select the melody to go inside it. For little girls, the traditional 'ballerina' box is a good choice, with a small ballerina doll that twirls round and round as the melody plays. Many musical boxes come equipped with a knob in the back of the box that keeps the melody playing with a few simple twists. Travel Jewelry Boxes If you like to take your collection on the road, a travel jewelry box is the perfect solution. Crafted of smart leather or easy-care fabric, these travel boxes keep all of your pieces safe and organized when you are away. Some cases are actual boxes that provide additional protection for your jewelry, while others are simple fabric rolls that fit easily into a purse or suitcase. Most have different sizes of compartments, so you can store many different types of jewelry pieces in a single storage unit. If you are traveling with precious gemstones, a jewelry box with a secure locking device is a must as well. Many travel jewelry boxes are stylish enough to display on your dresser when you are not on the go. Watch Boxes While most jewelry boxes are versatile enough to hold a host of different pieces, others are designed with a specific purpose in mind. If you have an extensive watch collection, a watch box will keep your items safe and on display. These boxes are usually smaller than the average jewelry box, and they boast separate compartments designed especially for watches. Some hold just four watches at a time, while others are large enough to house as many as 10 or more. Some allow you to remove the watch rolls so you can fit other types of jewelry pieces in the box as well. You can find basic watch boxes for very little money or go for a more ornate box that is worthy of your Rolex collection. With so many different types of jewelry boxes available, it is much easier to find the best box for your specific needs. To help you along in your search, make a list of the features you want or need in your jewelry box before you begin shopping. This list allows you to narrow the choices right away, so your selection is not quite so overwhelming. It also ensures that you purchase a jewelry box that will be the right size and design for your specific jewelry collection.
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