Which Toys Hold Kids Attention The Longest?

by:NUTAKE     2020-09-24
Toys are a great source of fun for kids. But not all toys were created equal. In fact, some toys are as popular as Orlando is during the dead of winter. Kids beg their parents for these popular play toys for weeks. Occasionally, it may even take months for the demand to drop enough for a parent to get their hands on one of these hot gift items. What happens next is almost as predictable as flies on roast beef sandwich during a picnic. They receive the toy, eyes sparkling, tongue salivating, run off to their room screaming for joy, and five minutes later are back roaming around the kitchen complaining, 'I'm bored'. We see this coming, but often we don't know what toys will keep them entertained over the long haul. What you should ask yourself is what sorts of toys did you enjoy when you were a kid? Perhaps it was a box of army men, a play kitchen, or a simple ball. For many parents it might have been something as simple as a refrigerator (cardboard) box. Why? Because its purpose was left primarily to the imagination. Technology has brought us a slew of very detailed toys, leaving very little to the imagination, other than turning it on, and then turn it off five minutes later. The best toys for your kids are not always the most expensive, complicated, sophisticated, or advertised on television, but rather the most versatile. Such toys can be used in a variety of ways, including musical toys, which can play a variety of songs/sounds; balls, which can be used to play a variety of games; and building blocks, which offer a limitless variety of new toys within themselves. So, what's the answer to the question posed in the title? Some things never change. The simple things we used to enjoy as kids, continue to be the same things kids enjoy today. If you don't believe it, go ahead and drag out an old appliance box from the attic, and see just how many hours of playtime it will consume. Visit us at toykidz.com to share your comments and read more
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