What Women Expect From Their Gifts

by:NUTAKE     2020-10-30
To quote Freud 'The great question... which I have not been able to answer... is, what does a woman want?' This eminent psychologist must have served this statement part in awe as in jest as tribute to the very fascinating mysteries of women that men are cursed with to never truly find the answer to. Fortunately for us, narrowing down this topic to what is perceivably easier to answer with some research would be what often looks forward to when receiving a gift. And this should be taken only in the traditional sense of the word. A gift is described to be any item given freely to another without need of reciprocation. The range of conventional gifts is varied and wide, but when gifting a lover, a spouse or a woman which you hope will end up as one of these two, the long-established tools of the trade in courtly love can be divided into flowers, chocolates/candies and keepsakes. The gift economy has reaped great rewards with the age of the Internet for it gives customers great ease in searching and purchasing. In lieu of travelling into malls and stores it has now become fashionable and more oftentimes practical. Right in your homes or offices and now also by mobile phone these items can be sorted, arranged and customized by just a point and a click and to the keen user, one can satisfy the basic expectation of women from your gifts. First they expect quality. Quality need not be expensive; it is simply a state of excellence or the absence of defects. In the world of the web, reputable sites are denoted by trust marks and a long history of success. They contain a lot of supplementary information about their products and practice and are referred to by other sites. Study their products well specially if your gift is perishable. Cut flower roses for example if grown properly should last for two weeks with proper care. But note that not all varieties are sturdy. If you are sending chocolates make sure that they are not the kind that melts while in transport. Shiny keepsakes should remain shiny for although all that glitters may not be gold but know how long items should keep their sheen. Google their category and give it some review. Companies that have quality products have great after sales support and have replacement and refund policies. Secondly women expect a valuable message. With flowers, symbolisms by variety and color choices can take the message of love, adoration or purity of intention. Chocolates are a treat for indulgence, beautifully packaged and assorted ones are interpreted as a sort of pampering by the giver. Keepsakes such as a figurine, a music box or jewelry differ in dollar value but for true intentions it is not merely to impress a social status but is dearly given to impart apiece of oneself to be kept close by the recipient as a personal treasure. Always remember, the medium is the message. Thirdly, they also expect some emotion, or shall I dare say it, a bit of drama in its delivery. Refer to this as icing on the cake. A gift under 10 dollars packaged and presented properly will feel like a million. Instead of giving a necklace in a box you may want to place on the neck of a stuffed bear. A combination of flowers and a bear might also be more special if the bear can wear a statement on his shirt too. All being said, it can be generally said that women expect some effort in their gifts. Keep in mind that they are wired differently than men since it has long been said that this better (or bitter) half thinks mostly with her heart and not her head. Keep these tips in mind and mix with a bit of creativity to keep cupid's arrow straight and true.
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