What is an ATRAC music file?

by:NUTAKE     2020-07-14
Savvy music downloaders probably heard of mp3, wma, and wav files, but what the heck is an ATRAC? ATRAC stands for Adaptive TRansform Acoustic Coding and is simply a highly compressed digital file. Clear as mud? Due to the compression, ATRAC files are smaller in size than other digital audio files. ATRAC files take up less space on a digital player, lending itself to open more space for even more files than other file types allow. Quality of the content is not sacrificed, plus ATRAC files allow a player's batteries to last longer. ATRAC was developed in 1992 with even higher compressed versions appearing on the scene in 1999 and 2002. Users must have a digital player or comparable product that is compatible with ATRAC files in order to utilize them. ATRAC files can also be burned onto cds, which can be played on compatible cd players. The process of downloading is similar to using other file types, such as mp3. Start up an internet browser on a computer or laptop and visit to an online music store that sells ATRAC files. Make a purchase and download the files. Then load the newly acquired songs onto a compatible player. Once a player is loaded with ATRAC files, the revolutionary experience of using these compressed files truly begins. At first, the process is the same. Listeners simply plug the earphones in or integrate the player with a stereo or speaker system in their car or home. The difference is that ATRAC users will be able to listen to more songs for a longer amount of time. So while others is busy charging up their batteries or choosing which songs they can fit onto their players, the life of the ATRAC user remains uninterrupted.
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