War of The Smartphones - Part 1

by:NUTAKE     2020-07-14
The smartphone industry has changed considerably. Previously out of reach Apple technology became the most in demand mobile devices, on the planet. Apple came from nowhere to take a huge market share, in a very short time. Having done a similar move in the 'music download' arena. Google launched their rival operating system and partnered up with manufacturers to release devices for all user levels and budgets. Apple certainly 're-invented the wheel' but the Android is slowly taking over. Phones, like a most modern technology became obsessed with the idea that the smaller is better. This had a negative effect on overall functionality and user experience. Apple made the screen larger to support new media requirements like streaming internet video and social media apps. The revolutionary 'touch screen' technology made the tricky stylus's previously seen on P.D.A's and windows phones obsolete. It was a whole new experience in making calls and phone usage! Although infuriating at times, the slides and taps, were a huge part of the experience. iPhone clients could browse the entire web freely and were no longer limited to 'mobile optimised sites'. Apple came up with the idea for the App Store. Third party developers could sell their Application to clients wishing to extend the functionality of their handset. Numerous manufacturers have copied them, investing hugely in their own android smartphones, and associated Apps market. Google's Android Market is growing rapidly and now has a choice to make. Will they opt for quality or quantity/choice? The Android OS works so well with other PC and web based platforms that makes the iPhone feel clunky in comparison. Where as the iPhone needs a multitude of applications, Google Android offers an incredible range of compatible features, straight out of the box. One of the best things about the Android is the massive selection of hardware. Starting from small flip models like the Motorola to the larger Tablet size models such as the Dell, you have an incredible range of technology, all Android ready to go. Gone are the days of slowly shifting through widgets and applications, one at a time. The Android allows you run multiple programs and services -even closing them down when they have not been used for a while, to conserve battery. The iPhone 4 has a great battery, compared to most smartphones and is a massive improvement, on previous models. Depending on your work system you will have either be Windows or Mac. The majority are Windows users, as this software is the 'global business standard'. Depending on how much you like Google products, really determines how much you will get out of the Android system. You have may have to change a few things you are used, to like adopting a gmail account and getting used to the way Google do things.
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