VOTO new noble charm, extreme long standby king

by:NUTAKE     2020-07-15
Do you still remember the model of Korea classic curve VOTO R1000 cell phone? If you still love the first global IPS wide screen super thin slide mobile phone 1860? Korea new noble brand VOTO win the confirmation of China cell phone users in just one year depending on its classic Korea series boutique appearance design and consistent high quality pursuit from it entered Chinese market last year. It brings brand new using experience and different buying selection for domestic users. Recently, VOTO cell phone strongly release super long standby king touch music cell phone B3600 again, bring us brand new cell phone buying selection in this summer for another time. VOTO B3600 is music cell phone aim at students market, it has professional built-in video treating chip which has super strong endurance. Its standby time reach as long as surprising 20 days and it support handwritten input. In appearance, VOTO B3600 use simple bay style design, having three colors of elegant white, piano black and charm red to select. Metal texture shell, high clear, high light and vivid color whole angle hard screen, first-class hand feeling 3D keyboard show the special fashion taste and youth sunny breathes for Korea series cell phone. And its official quotation is only USD 146, quite cheaper, which is appropriate for the students who pursing the proportion of performance and price. As a professional music phone in China , the cell phone is outstanding in music playing performance of course. VOTO B3600 cell phone has built-in Wolfson professional video treating chip which is the widest applied music chip in the world currently. Many famous manufacturers such as Apple iPhone all use Wolfson professional video treating chip in their own products, the sound quality is best. Besides treating chip, the high or low of the earphone performance affect the actual effect of the music quality, VOTO B3600 not only supply Hi-Fi stereo earphone but also use 3.5mm universal earphone plug hole in special, this eliminate the trouble for the friends who prepare to upgrading the earphone. In power consumption, B3600 success VOTO cell phone unique low power consumption technology and supply two 1700mAh high volume original batteries following the product. Its standby time is as long as 20 days, communication time is 250 minutes. The cell phone can endure 10 hours even continue to play music. Such an outstanding endurance capacity is not usual in the same kind of cell phone. In message function, VOTO set intelligent message input method, can input Chinese, English and digital directly in default mode without switch. It supports message high level searching which can locate the message content need to be searched quickly. More over, VOTO B3600 function also including double card mode, blue tooth 2.1 plus EDR, JAVA, FM radio, MP3/MP4, recording, e-book, double camera, storage 1000 telephone book, 500 messages and so on. In summer promotion period, the competition in cell phone market is fierce. Many kinds of brand new phones conduct promotion and favorable activities under the help of the good summer opportunity. In the period of many important products enter cell phone market, VOTO is confident. It releases two models with different style back to back. In addition, according to the new from Weitu communication limited company, it will strengthen the dynamics of China market, bring out new products gradually.
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