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by:NUTAKE     2020-07-15
Whenever you buy BlackBerry phone, you will find the BlackBerry Desktop Manager included in the bundle. One of many great functional features of this software may be the 'Device Switch Wizard'. It facilitates people to exchange files from their old BlackBerry to the new one. Here are the steps to perform data exchanges on BlackBerry Desktop Manager. Firstly, launch the software on your desktop pc or laptop. And then attach the smartphone using USB data cable and choose the 'Device Switch Wizard'. In this menu there is an option to exchange between non-BlackBerry phones or between 2 BlackBerry smartphones. Next, you will find the option to choose any data you wish to relocate to the new device includes the phonebook, BlackBerry Messenger, Text messages, notes, voice notes, emails, and programs. After you pick any file you prefer to move, then click 'next' and wait for a backup process. When the backup process is finish, you'll see the guidance so you can connect the new device. In this selection, you could still select another file whatever you desire to relocate to the phone by choosing 'options'. After that you must click 'next'. After that the process of transfer to your new device will take place, and also the program will notify you when the process is completely finish. There are several things you should take into consideration when using this feature on BlackBerry Desktop Manager particularly when you transfer data of programs between 2 BB smartphones which have distinct edition of OS. The apps of the old operating system version are regularly not compatible with the new version. Also, when transferring the apps of the newest operating system edition to old edition by using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager, you need to be cautious because there are a lot of the applications of the latest operating system version that aren't compatible with the earlier version. It hazardously can bring about the total harm to your device. The BlackBerry Desktop Manager program also allows Apple computer users to easily do the data synchronization through the programs such as iCal, Address Book, Microsoft Entourage and many others. Furthermore, consumers will add and uninstall programs, schedule automatic back-ups, encrypt backup data and set up software updates for their handset. For multimedia necessities, this also allows Mac owners to sync their iTunes music collections with the phone via the built-in BB Media Sync. By using this software, users may easily choose the iTunes playlists along with the music that they want, including the song information and album art which can be rapidly transmitted onto the handset. For those who want to get the latest version of BlackBerry Desktop Manager, you need to start updating or adding new apps right on the handset. Just in case you don't own this software on your pc or notebook, you can obtain it through the download area of RIM's website. Besides, if you would like check the edition of your software, you can actually open the 'Program', then click on the 'Help' and select the 'About' section. Afterward, you'll see the box that will inform you about your software version.
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