Using Your iPad 2 To It's Full Potential

by:NUTAKE     2020-09-28
The iPad 2 is a powerful device that has features and does things you may not have even heard about even if you already own one. This is no suprise, as it is the most advanced tablet on the market. I will explain about some simple iPad 2 features, as well as some of the more technical features and also try to give you a small description into what the iPad 2 can really do. The iPad 2 comes equipped with all the desirable features you would expect in a high-end tablet and more. It has a battery life of 10 hours. The display on the iPad2 has great quality with smooth graphics and sharp text. This is especially useful when you are looking at the 5-megapixel picture you just took or when replaying that 1080p HD quality film you just shot on the built-in camera. The iPad 2 also has the most powerful multi-touch operating system which is way ahead of the operating systems on other mobile devices. In fact, the ipad operating system has the biggest pool of apps on the market. There are also many advanced iPad2 features included that other tablets just can't compare with. These include a feature called iCloud. This allows you to keep track of all your music, documents, photos, email, contacts, videos and more that you can then easily share with all of your wireless enabled devices. If you don't like typing on the touch keyboard; no worries! The iPad 4 has a dictation feature that enables you to send emails and write text by just talking into it. All these features are great, but you are probably asking 'well, what can I really do with my iPad 2?' With new apps coming out each day, the real question you should be asking is 'what can't I do with my iPad 2'. There are endless possibilities of how you can use your iPad2. Straight out of the box you can read a book, play games, stream movies straight to your HDTV, write and send emails, use Face-time to connect to your loved ones face-to-face, surf the internet, and even use it as a digital picture frame. Keep in mind, this is only a sample of what the iPad2 will do straight out of the box. Your iPad 2 will do even more when you install apps. The list is exhaustive, but I will try to highlight a few key iPad 2 features you can get with apps. For the music lover, you can play a musical instrument like the keyboard or drums, listen to streaming radio, share music with friends, identify a song from the radio, mix music and more. There are apps for the business person to keep track of finances and budgets, take notes, access a database, and even more. There are apps that will even allow you to text SMS messages for free. There are so many iPad 2 features that it is next to impossible to list them all. Chances are, though, that if you can do it on a laptop, you can probably do it on an iPad 2. By playing with your iPad nonstop for the next week, you might just be able to cover 5% of its capabilities and unfortunately the folks at Apple don't even supply a manual. This seems rather ridiculous considering all the functionality that your iPad 2 has. However, there are other great resources you can find on the internet that can help you get full potential out of your iPad 2 and all of its features. With that said, have fun and make the most out of this powerful device!
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