To The Right You Will See Your Name in Facebook

by:NUTAKE     2020-07-17
At the top of the page you see a 'Toolbar' in the absence of a better term; you will see 'Home', 'profile', 'Friends' and 'inbox'. To the right you will see your name, 'Settings', 'Log' and a search box in Facebook privacy settings. We cover 'Home' and now I have traveled a profile by Facebook privacy settings. 'Friends' simply lists all the friends who have added their photos and profiles, if it comes, and their current status. Inbox Here you can read and write your emails and messages to others by Facebook privacy settings. 'Parameters' you can edit your billing, confidentiality and application configuration. We talk some other time applications in Facebook privacy settings. 'Disengagement' is clear. In the toolbar at the top you see a status box says: 'What do you do now?' Here you can know your network, what you currently have or are thinking about. Maybe even to think in Facebook privacy settings. Use your imagination and have fun! Ok, now under the Status field, see 'News Feed'. Here you can read all of your friends have posted. You can also see what others have told them.The next tab is 'status updates.' This can vary from a few seconds to several hours.'Pictures' shows in the next tab, all the photos that were posted by their friends or if your friends are 'marked' or identified. Read the posted comments and pictures taken by Facebook privacy settings. 'Left', which has previously published as 'Posted Items' known overview of the links in your friend network? These may include links to websites, articles, news or video in Facebook privacy settings.'Live Feed' is near 'News Feed', but that is more current. Shows what others have recently seized or immediately after publication in Facebook privacy settings.You can add additional tags in this section. Which add up to you? This can also notes, the music that you like, to other interests as you by Facebook privacy settings. Also playing with him, look, learns and have fun!
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