Tips For Choosing Appropriate Toys For Children

by:NUTAKE     2020-09-30
Only by choosing toys according to the personality and characteristics of your child, can parents buy the appropriate toys that promote the physical and mental development of children. This article provides you with the following tips in purchase toys for children 0 to 2 years old. Birth - 6 months The newborns learn about the world around them mainly through the use of vision and auditory. A month later, their eyes become more flexible and can stare at the toys within sight, and move eyes along with the movement of toys and will actively look for visual and auditory targets. At this stage, baby will turn head and body around, sit up, but in any case, their big motor and sensory function are not mature. Parents should provide baby with rich audio-visual stimulation to promote their perception development of infants. At the same time, choose appropriate toys to exercise infants' capability of small muscles and eye-hand coordination ability, and coordination of large movements. Recommended toy: hanging musical toys, musical box put aside bed, rattle bells, tape, colored balloons and varieties of dolls or small animals. Rattles, blow molding, rubber animal toys, and some small toys beaten can make sound can train baby's griping ability and hand- eye coordination ability. 6 - 12 months At this stage, baby learn to sit, crawl, stand and walk, in this process baby is busy developing the whole body coordination and muscle strength. Exercising big motor skills is very important for baby at this stage. Toys appropriate include: stacking cups, colorful set of cups, bubble toys, toddler toys and most babies in 9 - 12 months take the first step of their life. 1 - 2 years Children at this stage become more and more independent, and have their own ideas. Therefore, parents should give baby a wide enough space to let them control their own games. When the baby is playing with toys, parents should not limit them to play in their own ways, let children give full play to their imagination and creativity to play more tricks. Recommended toys: toy daily necessities such as pots, pans, scoop spoon, refrigerators, tables, chairs, beds, etc.; cars, trains, planes and ships; images that can represent comparison of size, height, speed etc., puzzles or various combinations of the picture; building blocks, modeling clay, beads, etc.; operable outdoor toys such as balls, small tricycles and so on; colorful and elegant picture books with reasonable composition and specific story plots.
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