Tips For Choosing Appropriate Toys For Babies

by:NUTAKE     2020-06-10
Early childhood education experts believe that 0 to 3 years old children have the most rapid physical and mental development. Toy for them is a key to understand the objective world. Buying toys should mainly take the child's physical and mental development into consideration. This article will provide you with the following useful tips in choosing toys for baby 1 to 10 months old. 1 - 2 months Infants at this stage can pay a short time attention to bright colored things. The newborns will purposelessly touch anything with hands when wake up. Appropriate toys at this stage include large colorful balls, rattle bells, cloth dolls etc. Hang these toys above the baby beds or cart to attract their attention, encourage them to watch and listen and train their audio and visual sensitivity, such as eyesight following the toys movement, or turn head when hearing the sound. 3 - 4 months At this stage, the baby sleeps less and has the desire to touch things. They like to watch and listen to the hanging toys when lying down. Parents at this time can choose rattle bells, plastic toys and cloth dolls to hang the place where the baby can reach so that they often touch the toys and exercise the grasping action. 5 - 6 months Infants at this stage will reach out and grab anything in front of them. They have more grab actions and can grasp toys themselves. Toys at this stage should be diverse in shapes, colors, construction and materials. Toys like rattle bells, ring bell, wooden puppet, balls and plastic animals etc. are all appropriate toys for baby at this stage. 7 - 10 months Infants at this stage can naturally hand down and can play a toy or more with both hands. The 7 months old baby doesn't understand the characteristics of toys, and they beat or throw any kinds of toys they get. The 8 to 9 months old infants start to identify the feature of the toy, they at this time will repeat one kind of play action. For example, give them a bowel and a spoon, they will put the spoon into the small bowl and then take out, such repeated play. The appropriate toys for baby at this stage include dolls, rattle bells, building blocks, small bowl, small baskets, buckets, etc. Adults can also play the electronic toys to for the baby to see. Such as the monkey roll, panda camera, small elephant beating drums and so on.
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