Three Home Made Simple Toys To Give Children Pleasure

by:NUTAKE     2020-05-17
Nowadays, there are too many kids toys in the shopping mall with different shapes, different functions and so on, as parents, in order to show their love and care for their children, they always buy too many toys, especially educational toys, for kids to play to get intelligence development and playing pleasure. However, according to children development experts, why not try to make simple toys by children themselves. If the condition allows, parents can participate in the toys made process. By this way, children can really learn useful things from the game. Three simple toys and games for children are introduced below, do you have the interest? Fishing game This fishing game is suitable for children between one year old and one and half years old, the raw materials needed are too simple include several hard cardboard, which is cut into the shape of the fish, a number of paper clips, used as the fishhook, string, small wooden stick, used as the fishing rod, magnet, pasted with hard cardboard together. When playing with this simple game, it is beneficial to develop children's comprehensive abilities such as the finger coordination skills, cognitive abilities and language skills. Home-made pictures This home-made pictures game is suitable for kids between one and half years old and two years old. The materials needed are only paper and painting brush. When playing, parents can at first make some targeted pictures, for example, one whole horse and another horse with a missing leg, then put them in front children at the same time, now parents ask children to pointed the difference of these two pictures. Believe it or not, such targeted pictures training ways can train the children's observation ability, classifying knowledge and concept of numbers, all of which are beneficial to develop children's intelligence. Golf clubs game This golf clubs game is suitable for children over one and half years old. The total raw materials include a plastic bottle and a small ball. At the same time, the bottleneck should be plugged with newspaper to form a columnar shape item. When playing, parent should tell the game rules to children and children should have the profound concept in their mind. At the same time, it is good to develop children's arm strength, hand eye coordination, what's more, children get lots of opportunities to run and learn. By the way, the exercise of this game is relatively large so that it is especially for children who are fat.
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