The Importance of Sensory Play

by:NUTAKE     2020-07-13
Sensory play is certainly one of the most valuable experiences you can offer your child within the day they are born born. It is essential for a baby's growth and I've certainly observed sensory development in my little girl in the final twenty weeks of her life. Right from recognising her own name to the range of screams and babbles she knows, she's definitely continuously growing at an alarming rate! It's believed that one of the first senses to develop is touch and I'd certainly vouch for this. My little girl grabs every little thing and anything from drinks cans (no, I am not letting her drink it!) to tissues and her little fingers are eager to really feel and get to know every texture. Her very first definable giggle came from pressing her feet into crumpled newspaper! Sensory play usually relates to any kind of play time which relates to the use of one of the five key senses. The majority of our sensory play at the moment relies on my daughter's sense of touch, nevertheless you could focus on any of the senses. If you would like to concentrate on your child's sense of sight attempt shiny and vibrant objects or even light displays. If you would like to focus in your child's sense of hearing, opt for a fantastic music box or a selection of kid's musical instruments. Sensory play is actually down to you and your child's imagination. Sensory play is a great and important stage in your child's development however, if they're as young as mine it could be difficult to discover a way to demonstrate to them different textures and toys as she's not yet able to sit unaided. We've recently been offered a fantastic solution which has made sensory play a whole lot easier. We're the lucky owners of a Trabasack, a flexible tray bag which we use by attaching it to my daughter's buggy and placing various toys, items as well as foods to play with! My small girl is now able to lean forward in her seat and securely reach and play with the items of her selection, she is learning new textures and flavours each and every day! Trabasack is play tray which includes an integral bag for anything you need to carry. It comes with straps that permit it to be attached to a buggies, vehicle seats or pushchairs in a wide variety of ways. It is soft and light weight whist still being tough and sturdy. It really is even machine washable. Since We have had our Trabasack, it is given me the opportunity to make some economical sensory toys for us to play with. Favourites features consist of rice filled tubs, small sandboxes and of course her favourite, the mirror (taken from my own toiletries bag). It's great to have the ability to have buckets of fun without having spending a lot of money and without our Trabasack we'd find it actually hard, at least until she's sitting up by herself (give me strength!). As my child grows and learns, our sensory play box can develop further and I'm truly looking forward to the changes and developments in her and our play time as she grows!
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