Ten Useful Tips of Choosing Wooden Toys For Children

by:NUTAKE     2020-06-11
First, touch with hands. Most wooden toys are handmade, so the more smooth the toy surface shows the more exquisite workmanship. Parents should choose toys with smooth surface, avoid thorn and sharp corners. Second, smell with nose. Generally, wooden toys more or less have smell of the wood itself. If the smell is too strong, the toy might have been packaged too strict or has surface paint problems. Under normal circumstances, paint of wooden toys should be non-toxic and harmless toy special paint. But there are some using toxic paint containing a large number of excessive lead, benzene, which might lead to lead poisoning in children. Third, wipe with cloth to check whether it fades. Generally, wooden toys is the result of complicated process of polishing, grinding, chamfering, painting, drying and other processes before appear on the market. Fourth, check the small parts. Many toys have small parts and younger children will chew in the mouth, swallowing it accidentally. Parents should choose baby age-appropriate toys in order to ensure their safety. Fifth, don't choose too heavy or too large toys. To 'hold' or 'take' toys trains baby's hand strength and movement. So it is necessary for parents to select wooden toys suitable for baby hand exercise. Sixth, pay attention to the thickness of the wood. In addition to the playability, educational significance, security of toys, parents should also pay attention to the potential safety hazard. A thin wood veneer will cut the baby's hand if broken in the process of playing. Seventh, choose natural safe wood color. Natural wooden toys with safe wood color have long been recognized by parents as environmental. Ecru wooden toys are beneficial in all aspects. Eighth, check the packaging boxes. Check the toy trade mark, bar code, to see if marked with the production name and address, making material, suitable for age, safety warnings, the standard number of execution and other projects. Ninth, shake with hand. Many wooden toys are combined through splicing, inlay and adhesion and other methods. Therefore, in purchase of toys, parents can shake to see if it is firm. Tenth, see the length of the rope. Rope and elastic rope is the greatest danger in the course of play. If the rope is too long, it might tie together with any part of the toy. In choosing pull toys, parents might feel the rope is too short. In fact, it is in line with the safety standards.
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