Teach You How to Choose Wooden Toys For Children

by:NUTAKE     2020-06-17
First, pull toys: 2 years old children start learning to walk around, you can choose pull toys to raise children's interest in learning to walk. In the selection of such toys, should first determine the shape, best to be vivid and can make sound in order to attract children. Another is to observe whether the toy surface has cracks, painting is bright, or paint stripping phenomenon. The surface of parts should be smooth, bright and clean. Metal parts must be handled anti-rust, and the surface is smooth without rusty spot. After a careful examination of the surface, you can pull the toy on the table to hear the rhythmic sound and see the corresponding action, ease to pull, no standing still or walking skew phenomenon. Pick up the toy to rotate the wheels by hand to check whether able to rotate flexible. Finally, gently pull each component to check the parts can move freely and connected firmly. Second, the choice of building blocks: When children reach the age of about 3 to 4 years old, parents can choose blocks for them. The choice of building blocks should be based on the child's age and mental development. You can choose building blocks of less number of pieces at the beginning, and then select those of more blocks. Children can begin to build according to graphics, later you can mix several pairs of building blocks together to let the child build freely to enrich their imagination. Selection of building blocks is major to ensure that the surface paint is bright, colorful, and block pieces must be the accurate numbers, shapes and colors. Each edge should be mutually vertical and has no askew phenomenon. Third, puzzle toy is a kind of wooden toy to develop the memory and appreciation of children. The choice of puzzle toys should mainly focus on color and artistry of the screen. Pay attention to choose from easy to difficult gradually. In the selection, mainly to check whether the stickers are flat and no stains. Fourth, selection of the small piano: Small wooden toy piano is both a wooden toy and a music toy, generally suitable for children over 3 years of age. The choice of wooden piano should start with the tone and pitch accuracy. Then check the body, which should be firmly bonded and no surface cracks, no paint stripping and be colorful. Finally turn the piano upside down to observe the back, should be smooth and no significant stains.
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