Storage Shelves Baskets - DIY Prefab

by:NUTAKE     2020-06-30
When it comes to storage shelves, baskets are a great addition and add aesthetic appeal and utility. Have you ever grabbed a cardboard box off a shelf only to watch as the bottom comes apart and the contents hit the floor? Shelves for baskets are the most effective way to store toys, clothing, baby items and office supplies. If you are an enterprising person, consider making your own shelves by mounting prefab wire shelving on your wall and purchasing baskets that will enhance your interior design. After measuring the length of the wall space you want to use, check the lengths of the wire bookcase shelves sold online or at your local hardware store. Keeping in mind that most wire shelving does not have sides and that you will need room to slide the baskets on and off the shelves, buy your racks about three inches longer than the sum of your basket widths. This allows room for the baskets and almost an inch and a half extra on each side. White and gray are the most popular colors for wire shelves. Baskets are made of many materials and come in a variety of colors. Taking into consideration the color of your flooring, walls and furniture, experiment a bit. Try shelving with baskets of various colors until you like the combination and they will blend in with and complement your room. If you just can't find what you want, consider spray painting wicker baskets or decorating the baskets with cloth, wooden or plastic leaves, flowers, symbols or something that has a special meaning to you and your family. Have fun planning and preparing. In the final analysis, it is personal preference that will determine the overall look you will feel comfortable with in your home. If you don't already have them, purchase the materials you will need to mount your basket shelves: The following steps will help you install your shelves: If your wall space isn't precisely the same width as the measurement needed for your shelves, you will need to decide if you want the shelves to be centered on the wall or off to one side. Do you want your shelves low, near the floor so children can play with their toys, do you want them to be higher where little folks cannot touch them or do you want them to be above a desk or dresser? Just be sure you can easily reach the baskets to pull them down and put them back. Have someone hold up a shelf with a basket or two on it (or place a shelf with baskets on a desk or a couple of chairs) so you can stand back and try to visualize how everything will look when it is finished. This step will save extra drilling, unneeded holes in your walls, time and energy. Using the level, make sure the bubble is in the middle, and mark each end of the rack where you want to place it. If your shelves are not level, not only might your baskets slide, but every time you enter the room you will notice that the wire bookcase shelves are tilted. After all your hard work, you and your family want to be able to enjoy them and be proud of them. Following the package directions, install one end of a shelf by placing its screw into the wall. Check again to be sure the shelf is level; then attach the other end of the shelf. Next screw in the support arms. Place a basket on your shelf and leave three to three-and-a-half inches between the top of the basket and the bottom of the shelf (or front rail) above it when measuring for your next shelf. Repeat the installation steps for the remaining shelves. Invite your family to help you pick up, sort and organize the items for your baskets. These things will be out of sight yet easily accessible in the area you need them. To better organize your home, consider installing prefab wire storage shelves. Baskets may be added for more efficient storage. First assess your room, your furniture and the available wall space. Visualize the style, shape and size of the shelves you will need. Measure your wall space, buy and install prefab shelves for baskets of a size and color combination that will blend in with or add flair to your room. Sort and organize items that are strewn around the house. Hide them in the baskets. Step back and admire your handiwork and your organized home. Who can be knocking on the door? Invite them in. You're ready for company!
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