Silica Gel Packets Their Shelf Life And Reuse Options

by:NUTAKE     2020-10-05
Silica gel packets are in huge demand today among various users and especially those in the packaging industry. This is due to their excellent capacity in preventing anything from decaying due to moisture and humidity attack. Indeed, they have the highest absorption capacity of any commercially used desiccant. These packets come in various sizes, or are packed in different materials to be used for various purposes. Reusing Old Silica Gel Packets Well, it is understood that brand new silica gel packets are used for the purpose. However, it is seen that these packets outlive the purpose of their use. For example, you find a packet in your bottle of medicines, and the packet remains there even after your medicines are over. What should you do with the packets? I recommend you reuse them to prevent moisture at other areas in the household. You can tuck a few silica gel packets in your jewelry box, inside your valuable pair of shoes, musical instruments, pet food, or just anyplace, where moisture is a major concern. Here are some areas where I have used them and benefitted immensely. Open a few silica gel packets, and take out the beads, now saturate them with aromatic oils/perfumes to create potpourri for your bedroom, bathroom or living room. Throw in some packets inside your luggage bag especially if you are planning for a long tour. You can even tuck some inside your leather goods like shoes, coats and handbags to prevent moisture forming a white coating over these items. This works great if you plan to store them and use them after long intervals. You can also prevent your razor blades from rusting by keeping them in a container full of silica gel beads. And the best; put some on your car dashboard to prevent extra fogging in your windshield during chilly winters. Shelf Life of Reused Silica Gel Packets Well, all the above are uses of recycled silica gel beads. So, how long can you recycle them and yet get the same results? My answer is 'forever'. All you have to do is re-activate them. How? You can pour the beads on an oven pan and bake for an hour at 250 degrees. When they become sufficiently cool, put them away in an air tight container for further use. So, you see these tiny silica gel packets are just one time investment that lasts forever to protect your all your invaluable possessions. James Addams is expert in products such as silica gel packets,flexible packaging materials, custom molded products and static shielding bag.
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