Shahnaab Alam is an Well Known Editor of Asian Photography

by:NUTAKE     2020-10-05
Shahnaab Alam is an individual with many talents. After graduating from Delhi University he went on to become an integral part of the Indian film industry. At a very young he has gained a great deal of experience and achieved appreciation for his efforts and hard work. He has made many ventures in the media industry. One of his noteworthy achievements is becoming the Associate Editor of Asian Photography. It is a very well known magazine which comes out every month and is published with relevant information regarding photography. From its first publication it has had a considerable customer base. This magazine offers a continuous reference for professional and aspiring photographers. He occupies an important position in this magazine which was quite an outstanding feat on his part. The media industry owes a lot to Shahnaab Alam. This young man has been an integral part of many big films and music videos. Movies such as 'Dhoom' and 'Socha Na Tha' are two of the important films in his portfolio. 'Dhoom' was 2004's highest grosser which occupied a firm position in the top scale of the box office. The film 'Dhoom' had reputed stars of the Bollywood industry such as Abhishek Bachchan, John Abraham, Uday Chopra and Esha Deol. However, in 'Socha Na Tha' we find the beautiful Ayesha Takia and dashing Abhay Deol playing the lead roles. He has made a distinctive mark in various fields. He has been the producer of a musical motion picture project which was known as 'Ghoom Taana'. The cast included renowned actors from Pakistan as well as India. This project was initiated to strengthen the ties between Pakistan and India. To mark the peace summit between the Pakistan and Indian leaders Alam was requested by the United Nations to curate one of the biggest events U.N. Foundation Day Celebrations. The event was held at the headquarters in New York in the year 2001 on 24th October. Pakistani and Indian music bands had performed at the Assembly Hall which was a unique concert held in the headquarters of U.N. Alam has ventured into the music industry too by producing music videos of Ayaan and Amaan Ali Khan. He had also been a producer of a musical known as 'The Chorus Line'. It was performed in New Delhi with Ashley Lobo as the choreographer. It was extremely well received by the audience. You will find his contributions in movies and music alike. He is a man of great caliber who has achieved a lot over the past decade. And, hence he truly deserves his position in the esteemed magazine Asian Photography.
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