Selling Music In A Society That XFactor Rules

by:NUTAKE     2020-07-29
In a society where a tv programme consistently gains 7 million viewers on a weekend that will support an unknown singer from their first public performance to winning a prize that sees their first single almost certainly attain the Christmas number 1 slot, it is easy to wonder how anyone could break into the music industry. Indeed there are many highly talented young singers around the world that have been trying to for years & that's forgetting the bands & anyone that doesn't quite fit the 'xfactor' box that you have to climb into to win the votes and get the prize. So what is the answer? Should people that have been trying to break into the industry give up and go for an audition? Should bands give up & wait for the next televised bands competition? The answer is of course no, but how, in a world where there is so much music on offer do you get yourself noticed and most importantly make a living out ofyour music? Some people would say its down to social media networks, get yourself on myspace, facebook and Twitter & you will gain the fans that will make you big. Other say its getting the gigs, making sure people see your live performances & join your mailing list. Others think you need a great press kit that needs to be sent out to record labels & promoters, getting your name heard that way. The fact is, you need all of those things. In addition to that, you need to be able to manage your fan base, have the time to concentrate on your social networks, create a press kit, find the contacts, send out press releases, find gigs and make new music. If you are willing to put in the hard work, eventually, you will be rewarded. A lot of bands and artists decide the only way to cope with all of this is to get a Manager to do all this for them, but if you don't have a lot of money in your back pocket, this can be a hard thing to do. There is of course another way. Sites like Musicfinity, which have a mission statement to 'help bands & artists achieve their vision' offer many services which are very cheap & you can actually do all the things mentioned above quickly and easily. Yes, they even manage your social networks for you! The other thing they promise is that they will invest money they gain from the site, straight back into helping artists develop and reach their goals. This is quite refreshing in an industry where everyone appears to be trying to get as much from the bands as they possibly can while giving little back. If you want to sell your music through the site, you can do so for a very small monthly cost and you then keep all your sales profits. So keep the belief, you can make it, you can make a living from the thing you love doing the most. Put in the effort, allow people like Musicfinity to help you and the dreams can come true!
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