Rip Music From Youtube With Ease

by:NUTAKE     2020-07-29
Have you ever found a piece of background music that is playing on YouTube videos and attempted to download it as audio files for other usages? YouTube is a large website and updates users-based or artists' music videos immediately. While you are watching some fantastic videos on this website, you won't hesitate to save the music clip playing on videos. Then how can we rip music from YouTube in high speed? I believe you should know there are dozens of ways for us to rip songs from YouTube video clips. But each way has different requirement, such as how to install desktop audio device, what the operating systems are, and how to copy audio from YouTube video into scheduled time limit. In this long passage, I would like to present you step by step details. 1. Using FLV to audio mp3 server to rip music from YouTube There is built-in software on websites like listen to, YouTube, video to, and a series of special YouTube converting websites. The most common feature of all the servers is that they all use text box to rip music from YouTube. That's simple! Scroll down mouse clicks to copy the video URL first and then paste it onto the box. The converting time depends on the size file of your YouTube video. However, you can't make sure that the output audio file is in good quality or not. If you only want to rip music from YouTube scarcely and don't want to pay annoyingly, you may select one of the servers. The downloaded audio will be changed into MP3, or other files. If you can't play the audio files, you may open iTunes and import file. Then choose 'convert to AAC' to output it into AAC files. 2. Using sound recorders to rip music from YouTube Unlike the above ways, this method is inclined by users who want to rip music in relatively good sound effects. But it is a little complex to use this one. First you need to search for a streaming audio recorder, Audacity, Adobe Audition, and so on. After that, you need to install the program and do settings jobs. The settings guides can be found on the programs' help or how to do corners. When preparations are done well, go to YouTube and play music video. You might hear the song in the middle of video or in the end. It doesn't matter. You could start to rip music from YouTube at any time by clicking record button. The music files will be traced in the default hard disk or you may choose it. Plug in any your player onto USB connector and add music files straightly for replaying.
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