Reason on Babies Like to Have Toys With Eyes

by:NUTAKE     2020-05-13
Professor Brooks and his colleagues, from University of Washington in Seattle, found that babies always liked to watch other people's eyes and on the other hands, the little kids also particularly liked to have the toys with eyes, or even big eyes. After researching, Dr. Brooks pointed that in the first few months of our life, babies could play with adults and toys such as wooden toys, stuffed toys and other. However, they were really difficult to participate in the games. As time goes by, baby's social skills have been growing richer. Then they observe what adults usually do. Gradually, they combined adults and toys that can be seen by adults together. Among this research, one question is that when baby imitate adults' behaviors, which part do they observe? Turning head or eyes? In fact, this question has been studied earlier, however, had no clear answer that can be agreed by most researcher. Up to now, Professor Brooks and his colleagues from University of Washington finally get a relatively reasonable answer. In recent research, one researcher, member of this research team, found that if adults open their eyes to watch something for a long time, then baby with 12-month-old had the high probability to watch this item. At the same time, if adults closed their eyes and turn the head to other direction to watch other things, baby has hardly watched this thing. The same conclusion was gotten when having research on 14-month-old babies. According to this research, it indicated that baby's attention on different things relied on the people's eyes instead of their turning heads. In an interview with this research team, Professor Brooks, leader of this team, said babies looked at your eyes all the time, when you turned around to watch other items, the little kids, in fact, just want to confirm whether your eyes are open or close. If they observed your eyes were open, they would imitate you behavior to watch the same thing, otherwise they would still staring at you. Base on several times tests, this research team provided powerful theoretical basis to this conclusion. It was that by watching adults' eyes and its turning direction, baby decided to see what things adults were watching. Because eyes are too sensitive things to convey more information faster than head turning, eyes could tell baby the feeling of watching things.
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