Protect Your Precious Pieces With These Great

by:NUTAKE     2020-10-07
If you're a jewelry fan, then you know how easy it is for all your treasures to get lost, twisted, damaged or destroyed. If this is happening to you, then it's time to get organized. Those with a penchant for accessories need to keep jewelry well organized, period. Otherwise, you may as well kiss your favorite trinkets goodbye. Need suggestions on what to do? Protect your precious pieces with these great jewelry organizers. Jewelry Stax This cool group of organizers keeps jewelry together and safe. Stack them on a dresser, inside a drawer or on any countertop. They're nice and compact to save space while maximizing storage. The blue spruce finish and velvet lining make them suitable to display anywhere. Order as many as you need to keep your treasures organized. Overdoor Jewelry Organizer This pretty yet powerful organizer is a great option for those short on space. You can either mount in on a wall or hang it over a door. Either way, you're set to go. This handy piece allows you to smartly and effortlessly organize over 300 pieces. You can now have over 50 rings, 75 bracelets/watches and earring pairs and 100 necklaces clearly on display. Won't it be great to actually have your entire collection in plain view? No more digging, no more frustration. Folding Earring Rack This super-handy rack is amazing. Unfold the compact unit, and voila! you're ready to hang and store nearly 130 pairs of earring. This folding rack features four transparent, securely hinged panels, and features a wide variety of storage options, including holes and teeth. When you need to save space, simply fold the whole rack together, and earrings are securely stored safe and sound. Pearl White Jewelry Organizer A gorgeous statement piece for the glamour girl in all of us. This lovely, pearl white jewelry organizer is a must-have for those with loads of treasures, trinkets, beads and baubles. The spacious box has a mirrored lid, wide tray and two room drawers. The earring and ring tray rises automatically and reveals a whopping eight large compartments underneath. Not only is it incredibly useful for organizing your jewelry, but it looks so pretty, as well. You'll appreciate the hand-sueded fabric and silver tone lock and key. Keep your precious accessories and fine jewelry nice and secure in this fancy organizer. Stacking Jewelry Organizer This three-piece wonder is adored by those in cramped quarters. The stackable design is efficient and takes up far less room than traditional organizers. Though it looks small, it packs a punch. Forty compartments of various sizes provide plenty of space for all your treasures. Rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants... the list goes on... there's room for all of them in the Stacking Jewelry Organizer. Fits on a countertop in neatly in a drawer. 5 Drawer Oak Jewelry Organizer If you have a large jewelry collection, this is the organizer for you. Keep it all together in this attractive, cherry wood jewelry box. Got rings? This piece has two long ring rolls, as well as several roomy compartments that are great for oversize or odd-sized rings. Also great for pendants, brooches and earrings. The four oversized drawers are great for chunky bracelets and watches. Swing open the double doors, and you'll find abundant hooks and storage pockets for your treasured necklaces or dangling bracelets. Naturally, this collectible organizer is fully lined and incredibly durable. You won't need anything else to keep your valuables safe and tidy. Peel and Stick Bling Eez Such an ingenious idea! These simple, streamlined hooks are mounted on a single strip. Simply peel off the protective strip, then stick the adhesive backing to most any surface, and you immediately have tangle-free storage for up to 200 pieces. Removes without leaving any sticky residue. White Musical Jewelry Organizer Calling all girlie girls! Remember that precious, musical ballerina jewelry box you had when you were a little girl. It's back, but revamped for your big girl years. Now, the ballerina's gone, but the music remains. Open the lid, and listen to the pretty melody of 'Magic Flute.' This piece offers enough storage to hold a woman-sized jewelry collection, as well. Double doors, multiple compartments, ring rolls and several drawers; this box has it all. Now that you're so well-organized, perhaps it's time for an accessory shopping excursion to add some new treasures to your impeccably tidy collection. Have fun!
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