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JOTHAN offers the finest products in the world.But we're not just a simple OEM supplier,we understand your ideas,concepts and challenges,our own R&D team can improve the strucutre,shape,colour and packing of your products,also provide the new design products for your choice.

How to build your own song in the music box
Before develop your own tune,pls read the important notice as below,
Because of the structure,we can not make the full same as your musical files,when we are in developing the new tune,we will adjust something about your tune.
1.Mould cost: US$350 (US$50 should be paid before we edit your tune,and we will send you the MIDI file for your approval,if you approve it,pls pay another US$300,then we will start to make the mold)
2.MOQ of new tune: 1000 pcs
3.The details is only for developing the 18-note musical movement,technical specification as below,
3.1.Tune time limited 13"-18"
3.2.Tune key range: max,2 octaves +3 notes (Sound Frequency: 494Hz ~ 2349Hz) 
3.3.Limited Quantity of Note:
3.3.1.This model have 18 keys, Evey note will ocuppy one key.
3.3.2.Usually The key can be played again after 4 beats(Base on 4/4)
3.3.3.Remark:  The sound will be bad if played twice in a short time.

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