Plot Summary And The Cast Of 13 Musical

by:NUTAKE     2020-10-08
The 13 musical was premiered at The Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles CA on January 7, 2007 and it ran till February 18, 2007. Todd Graff directed the production and Michele Lynch choreographed it. Goodspeed Musicals presented the show at Norma Terris Theater in Chester Connecticut from May 9, 2008 through June 8, 2008. Jeremy Sams directed and Christopher Gattelli choreographed the show. The show opened in previews in Broadway at Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre on September 16, 2008, and October 5, 2008 was the official opening. The show is now expected to close on January 4, 2009. Except Hammond, Moro and Williams, most of the cast in the Broadway were in the Goodspeed production as well. Authorized brokers available online from whom you can get tickets cost effectively and easily. Synopsis Of The Plot In the 13 musical, Evan Goldman lives in the greatest city of New York. He is a popular and cool person. His mother moves to Indiana, as their parents get divorced. About to turn thirteen in a couple of weeks, Evan wants all the cool kids to be present at his Bar Mitzvah. Evan meets Patrice initially. Patrice shows Evan the city that comes to be nothing. He feels that it is the lamest place in the world. On Evan's first day at school in this 13 musical, Brett, the football player asks Kendra, the beautiful head cheerleader out on a date. Kendra's best friend, Lucy does not want them to date. Lucy likes Brett. Evan due to peer pressure cancels the invitation to Patrice to his Bat Mitzvah and Patrice ends their friendship. Evan meets Archie who is physically handicapped. Archie threatens to go to the Bar Mitzvah and ruin it, as a sort of manipulation, unless he gets him a date with Kendra. Evan agrees to it and asks Archie to convince Patrice to forgive him. Patrice says that Evan will not do such bad things to her, if he was a real friend. There are discussions in the school that Kendra and Brett are going to do The Tongue at movies. In the meantime, Evan plans to make Archie talk to Evan's mother since none can say no to a person with terminal illness. On Friday night, all are ready to go to the movies. Lucy asks Kendra to kiss Brett because she is a good girl. Brett is prepared to kiss Kendra in the movies. Everything goes wrong there. Brett's friends think that Lucy is bad news and do not like her. Lucy spreads the rumor that Kendra and Evan were kissing at the mall. Evan and Brett have a fight. Patrice helps Evan and forgives him. Everyone talks about their adventures and journeys as they turned 13 at the Bar Mitzvah of Evan. Evan says that he is just getting started, as he might have turned 13 just. The curtain comes down with the company singing 'Brand New You.' 13 musical is a massive hit. Characters And Cast Of 13 Musical Archie - Aaron Simon Gross Lucy - Elizabeth Egan Gillies Eddie - Al Calderon Brett - Eric Nelsen Cassie - Brynn Williams Charlotte - Ariana Grande Evan - Graham Phillips Kendra - Delaney Moro Malcom - Malik Hammond Molly - Caitlin Gann Patrice - Allie Trimm Richie - Eamon Foley Simon - Joey LaVarco There are many authorized ticket brokers who will deliver you the tickets for 13 musical at your home conveniently. You can avoid a lot of hassle when you buy tickets from these brokers. Al is the webmaster for a New York City entertainment site which writes reviews and content about every concert tour in the city inluding 13 Musical Tickets Resources for the latest concert event. His content is devoted to entertainment and includes information such as 13 musical tickets resources for fans looking to locate seats to a show.
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