Plan An Entertaining And Fun Minnie Mouse Party

by:NUTAKE     2020-07-31
Give the special girl a birthday party of her dreams by throwing a Minnie Mouse theme party. Keep the party lively with plenty of entertaining party games that both children and adults can play during the Minnie Mouse theme party. Pin the Bow On Minnie. Pin the Bow on Minnie is played just like Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Use a Minnie Mouse poster or have the celebrant, with help from the party host, draw and paint Minnie on poster board or a large sheet of paper and hang. The bows can be made by cutting them out of red and pink paper and then putting tape on the back. The player who can place the bow over Minnie's bow is the winner. Pink Shoes Candy Toss: This game is played using high heel shoes and is perfect for a Minnie Mouse party due to her love for fashion. For this game, use pink Stilettos and place the shoes on a table. The players stand at a certain distance from the shoes and try to toss the candies in the shoes. The player who can make the most candies in the shoes out of a selected number of throws wins the game. Unwrap Minnie's Gift. Wrap a box, filled with various Minnie Mouse party favors such as mirrors, stickers, brushes etc. Place multiple layers, of pink, white, black, and red wrapping paper around the box. Have players sit in a sit while playing music. When the music stops the player holding the box gets to remove one layer of wrapping paper. The music then starts again and the game continues with another player removing another layer and on. The player who gets to remove the last layer of the box is allowed to open the box and is given first choice of Minnie Mouse party favor. To make it fair at the end of the game the remaining party favors are shared among the other guests. Find Minnie's Bows. Minnie has an extensive bow collection all of which are ver special, but some of the bows have been misplaced.The purpose of the game is for the guests to search for the bows as quickly as possible. Place the bows around the party location such as on shelves, under tables, and anywhere else young children can find them. For a memorable party use Minnie Mouse Party Supplies and Invitations to create a great party.
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