Overseas Music Video Coming Before Summer 2011

by:NUTAKE     2020-07-31
Black Box Records artist Bryan King's first international single Overseas featuring French hip hop phenom Proff and New York rapper Stumik from Wu-Tang Raekwon's Icewater will soon have its official music video. Bryan King and the featured artists of this track are now busy shooting this music video to be released worldwide before summer 2011. Award-winning French director Eric A. Ceret is directing the cast in the most prestigious parts of South East Asia trendies' locations. Result should be in line with the hype surrounding the track. Indie Hip Hop label Black Box Records management wish to keep the place secret for now until the official worldwide video release before summer 2011. They expect the video to be among the top hip hop videos of 2011. Bryan King, cited among the 'Who's Hot in Hip Hop 2011' artists along with Lupe Fiasco and Wiz Khalifa, is a young talented American Hip Hop/RnB artist from California who takes inspiration from his environment and incorporates his observations on life, people and society. His music is diverse and inclusive. There is no need to be a hardcore hip-hop fanatic to enjoy his mellow vocals on tracks ranging from R&B ballads to club anthems. The lucky encounter between French producer Proff and Bryan King while overseas (in China) should reveal the artistic potential of BK - as he is known to his friends - at the international level. Several music sites such as top hip hop videos site hiphop2china.tv are showcasing Overseas and we are all eagerly waiting for the video and the next tracks of this young star-in-the-making. Black Box Records is an indie hip hop label founded in Hong Kong and active in the promotion of young hip hop artists in Asia and around the world. There are basic things that you want to change the first explosion of new music. Once inside the social life, when time to change the profile and the information that is hip-hop. People need to know the context before you feel comfortable enough to buy the music. Then you must find the music similar to yours and become friends with them. You want friends of the same type of music; fans can find and buy a new hip-hop, if properly presented. To ensure that the gift can be seen everywhere on the Internet by sending comments on people's side. For example, go to YouTube, type, Nicki Minaj, and hip-hop and see how thousands of people have commented and added a video. Use these observations to produce a new album from hip-hop fan Nicki Minaj. You start to get more views and comments page, you can send messages to other users. The video is one of the most effective ways to advertise their individual music. Video blogging is interesting to your visitors a core of supporters. Upload your blogs, social networks and all friends of the transfer request. Offer something free on your blog, a free t-shirt or coffee. You'd be surprised what will motivate visitors and they come to you. The best gift you can give advice. Their fans are the people and never want to learn something new. So, good rear attachment is perfect for practice and teaches much of the filming process.
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