Outdoor Play Sets and Accessories for Small Spaces

by:NUTAKE     2020-05-22
Do you have a small yard, but still want your child to be able to play and have fun outside, without having to go to the park? The following outdoor play sets or backyard toys are perfect for small yards. Whether you live in a condo, a townhouse or a cluster home, you will find something in this article that will fit your budget and fit in your yard! 1) Wooden See-Saw The re-designed wooden see saw is much lighter than the old metal ones, and won't hold water or rust, like metal. A wooden see-saw won't hurt little fingers either, since it is pre-sanded and has pre-drilled recessed bolt holes. An extra benefit of this modern re-design, is that it's pretty easy to put together! You can use this wooden see-saw outside in the grass or on a cement surface, if you put a protective-rubber ground pad underneath the seat, so the child won't get hurt. 2) Play-zee-bo (wooden sandbox) with Top Shade and Sand Cover This is a new design of a sandbox. It is completely wooden, comes in an octagon shape, and has a covering on the top of it, to protect children from sunburn. It also has a vinyl cover with Velcro straps that fits over the sandbox, which keeps the sand dry and keeps bugs and rodents out. The cover was a great design, since it doesn't get dented (like plastic) and won't ever be too heavy! 3) Children's picnic table with umbrella If you want to enjoy the fresh air without too much work, just get this small picnic table to sit at when you are outside.The kids can do puzzles, play board games, or eat their meals or snacks on the table. It is multi-functional and will get a lot of use. Having a seating area makes you get outside and enjoy the outdoors! 4) Free- Standing Tire swing with Swing Beam This is a small set-up with an A-frame support and beam. The tire swing is positioned in the middle, and by the nature of a tire swing and how it hangs on the beam, it tends to twirl and spin, and does not swing out very far. The dimensions are 8' wide x 5.5 high x 7' deep. This is a good solution for a small yard. Kids always enjoy tire swings. The modern tire swings are more of a sturdy plastic material and come in bright primary colors. These are not the dirty or smelly rubber ones we had as kids! 5) Free-Standing Swing Frame This is an A frame base, which will hold two swings and one trapeze bar, comfortably. Since it is made for home use, it does not swing out as far as a commercial swing set would allow. The dimensions on this are 9' wide x 7' tall and 9' deep. Even small yards are typically 14 feet long, so this is a possibility for many small condo lawn spaces. This 'A' frame unit is slightly larger than the tire swing frame, but it can hold 3 swings, total. So with this unit, you can even have a play date at your house! 6) Large Pine Bench Swing and Frame This swing begins with the A- frame support base, and does not take up much room at all. If you want to enjoy a swing outdoors with your children, this is a good option. It measures just 6' wide and 5' tall. Most small yards can accommodate this style. It is a great option for young and old, alike! An outdoor pine swing is so relaxing to get outside and enjoy a little sunshine. You will get a lot of use out of this one! 7) Breckenridge Playhouse The playhouse is a great option for young children. It is 83 x 82 x 80, and comes pre-stained and sealed for weather proofing. No painting is needed! The Playnation Breckenridge playhouse includes a poly-carbonate roof (not shingles) and a flower box! It also comes complete with the Dutch doors, working windows, roof vents and all hardware needed. It even has a little front porch. This will provide years of entertainment, and so much fun! Girls and boys love playhouses. 8) Toddler Swing, Infant Swing or Bucket Swing Small swings can be affixed from most any support beam at your home. Most people use them on the back porch, or on a swing set frame. These small swings are very versatile. They need to be level and have room to swing forward and back. Some families attach them to a lower level porch that is ground level. Being safe is the priority for infant or toddler swings, but they will love the swing once you put it up! This is a very inexpensive toy to purchase. They start at under $30.00. The outdoor swing sets and accessories that we loved were at playnation.com/ We also liked the small play set and outdoor swing sets at gorillaplaysets.com
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