Now Enjoy The Songs From The Baby Boomers Demographic

by:NUTAKE     2020-08-01
Oldies Music is a social networking site developed for the Baby Boomers demographic of America. The music of the oldies generation is truly hard to find at record stores and not readily available at other sources. That is why the portal has worked hard to make it possible for you to locate all the oldies hits in either single or album downloads format through iPod or MP3 players. Some of those nostalgic hits are also available in CDs or original vinyl record format. It is indeed an amazement to find all those yesteryear hits at one place. You can locate the album or song of your choice easily without any hassle of searching for them as you do at music stores. The songs are structured by the era to which they belong and by the type of song by the wonderful 'Juke Box' available on the portal. It is important to note that the site is not a sponsored one. All the requisite internet licenses to replay the songs have been obtained by the owners. The same holds true for the song writers, the composers and the artists. A proper system has been devised to ensure that royalty payments are made based on the number of times the songs are played every month. I-oldies music store makes it convenient for you to find and listen to music from an era where true talent ruled the roost. The music of the 50's to 80's can be found by simply clicking on the Juke Box. There are many ways you can enjoy your favorite oldies. You can download entire albums to your iPod and MP3 or make download single albums. All you have to do is type the name of the song in the search bar. A 30 second preview is available to make sure that the song is exactly what you are looking for. Then click in the appropriate boxes, fill up the details asked for and complete order to process payment. Once the payment process is successfully completed you will receive a mail with your access code. You are almost there now. Just gather the download information and commence the digital downloading process. You can save the file to your favorite location on your PC, CD or MP3 and savor the music. All the titles are arranged neatly in alphabetical order or by the name of the singer or the song so that you can find it quickly. There is also an advanced search category option where you can choose the song from pre-defined categories.
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