Musical Instruments for People with Disabilities

by:NUTAKE     2020-10-11
Choosing a musical instrument for someone is no easy task, you must know a lot about a person before you can buy something of this importance. If finding the perfect instrument for a normal person is difficult, just imagine how challenging it is to find the suitable musical instrument for the disabled ones. If you think about surprising someone with this kind of gift you must know what kind of music he or she loves. When playing an instrument, coordination is a must in the process and almost any disability affects negatively the skill of the musician. So, you need careful choice of the musical instrument for the disabled. The physical strength of the person is another important factor, because there are instruments that need more physical effort than others, this problem can be resolved partially because there are methods to adapt the playing position to obtain the best possible result. Size is another element that must be taken into account, it is obvious that some instruments are bigger than others, the size of the player must also be considered especially if he or she stays in a wheel chair for example. If size is a problem then smaller instruments must be considered. Flutes and clarinets, and even the violin are good musical instruments for the disabled as they don't require a standing position. Perception is something it can't be neglected, apart from problems involving the nervous system there are other visual or auditory problems that may occur. If the person can't distinguish the musical notes or can't hear well then playing a musical instrument is becoming much more difficult. If the players have a great ability of playing by ear they can renounce almost entirely at the written notes, and in such a case, a good memory would also help to compensate visual or hearing problems. How welcome is a musical instrument for a disabled in such a condition? Don't ignore the group factor. There are organized groups where musical instruments for the disabled are at the individual's choice, and the disabled player can exercise the instrument any time he or she wants. Without occasions to play the instrument the person can easily lose interest. In this case you must think of a good teacher available, particularly if the disabled is a child, or a youngster. Music in such cases will be a pass time and a way to grow up with a free mind. Want to find out about communication problem and written communication skills? Get tips from the Communication Techniques website.
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