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by:NUTAKE     2020-10-12
Beauty and technology always walk side by side. The newer and more advance technologies are invented to make our life more comfortable, more beautiful. That is why the relation between this two cannot be ignored nor suppressed. Musical fountain is one such big example where technology and estheticism mingled with each other perfectly. People watch the shows of musical fountain and become amuse but there a vast technology is working to produce that heavenly effect infront of millions eyes every day. In our India the technology that we see normally behind this kind of shows are not so developed. But there is a huge transformation in this field of amusement. With the advent of software and other technical equipments this kinds of fountains are no more an ordinary water fountain with moving waters in one single flow and direction. Now it has music, choreography, light, laser and many more complex yet easy to handle tools and technology to produce water in a new from and shape infront of the viewers. One can easily understand that an efficient hand is very much required to run all these in a smooth way so that none of these sections get hampered. When laser is attached with water shows it increase the appeal of the whole show and there is no doubt about that. The definition of Laser is an Acronym, Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. The articulate nature of laser light allows a narrow beam to be produced which is extremely focused and visible, that allows the use of optical scanning to portray patterns or images on walls, ceilings or other surfaces. That is why it can be finely used with any musical fountains to create more charm. Early laser 'shows' were often static beam array sculptures and did not use the scanned imagery we are familiar with in today's shows. With the advent of position-detecting galvos and microcomputers, it became possible to accurately position the beam, thus allowing for the projection of words, pictures and animations with the laser. It is not as simple as it is heard or read. A strong maintained group of expert hardware, software and hydraulic engineers has to be there to produce flawless laser and water shows in the well known amusement parks of this world. The modern and advance musical fountains have Animation Control and Choreography System Software (ACCESS) which is a window based program, written only for fountains. This software provides total support for all latest fountains; this was designed with twenty years of experience. The software allows both manual and automatic control of the fountain, with adjustment of all the lights and valves. All these work process require a perfect understanding between the computer hardware and the software that actually controls the fountain. The software plays an important role in the choreography as it determines the duration, flow and angels of the water according to the music. In PREMIERWORLDTM Technology Ltd. you can get this kind of marvelous musical fountain shows with exotic laser lighting. Their exclusive laser light techniques give the fountains a new and special look that can amaze thousand of audiences.
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