Musical And Luxurious Nightlife of New Delhi

by:NUTAKE     2020-10-12
Delhi night life is popular all over India and there are many people who are already planning a trip to this city just to enjoy nightlife here. Capital city is known for a young and a cheerful crowd who don't need any occasion to party. Maximum bars and discotheques in the city witness every day rush of Delhiites as well as tourists from all across the world. With the passing time, Delhi's nightlife has slowly stared to gain attention. Although the streets get deserted after 12 pm but you will find few bars, discos and coffee houses that are open 24 hrs, filled with a mob of youngsters. With an increase in the number of bars and pub houses, the nightlife of the city is turning energetic. Most of the five star hotels in Delhi have famous drinking dens that are mainly located around popular places like Connaught Place and well-to-do southern Delhi areas. There are a number of bars that offer a combination of restaurant & nightclub and put forward music, dance and live band performance. The view becomes mesmerizing as the music floods the floor of these popular bars and discos. Some of the popular pubs in Delhi are Annabelle's at Hotel Intercontinental, Djinns in Hyatt Regency (this has a live band), Pepper's (another famous pub that remains open six days a week and is closed on Tuesday), Ghungroo in Mauraya Sheraton, and many more. Among these, the uniqueness of Pepper's pub is that it has a ladies night on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays. Whereas, Ghungroo is a famous disco that remains open six days a week and is closed on Sunday. These bars and pubs mentioned above are equipped with all major amenities making it a perfect place to let your exotic spirits rise. To enjoy the ambience of such place, just take a glass of drink, keep aside all your tensions, and dance to your favorite music. New Delhi is making a mark in catering to the needs of tourists who visit the Indian capital from all parts of the world. There are many class hotels in Delhi, which have in-house pubs and discotheques. You can enjoy a comfortable accommodation and simultaneously do some tango in the pubs and bar of all the Best hotels of Delhi. Don't miss a chance to enjoy the nightlife in Indi's Capital city that is stuffed with its own charm.
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