Music Marketing Ebook Overview - How To Promote

by:NUTAKE     2020-08-04
Earn a living from your music with this free music marketing ebook called 'How To Promote Your Band On The Internet'. This music marketing ebook gives an overview of the most powerful forms of music marketing for bands and musicians. If you apply just a few of these music marketing techniques then you will be doing more than most bands and musicians. Your exposure on the web is also likely to increase big time. As musicians, your focus is on your music and being artistic and creative, but in order to actually be able to do your art for a living instead of a 9-5 job, you need to actually earn money from your music. You have done the hard bit of creating excellent music, so now it is time to do the easy bit and actually market your music so that you can earn money from it! This is what the music marketing ebook focuses on, maximising your exposure on the web so that you can make money from music and not by waiting tables or accounting etc! The free music marketing ebook first talks about the importance of having your own musician or band website and talks about the main features a good band website will require. One of the most powerful features is the email sign-up box. The importance of the email list, and how you can use it to increase your promotion strategies is discussed. Simple Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques are also discussed. SEO is an important music marketing strategy. It is really simple and can get your website ranked highly on the Google search. This can increase your exposure as it enables people to find your band without even knowing that you exist. They may just be searching for a band of a specific music genre in a specific location but do not know the name of your band. If your website is optimized for certain generic keywords then this will increase your chances of other people discovering your music. The second half of the free music marketing ebook (How To Promote Your Band On The Internet) talks about making the most from the main forms of social networking: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and MySpace. It is likely that you may use one or two of these methods already. The free music marketing ebook will give you ideas of how you can make use of social networking more effectively to increase your following. A good idea is to try and integrate all forms of social networking together and direct people to your central website, where you can sell them your music and merchandise, and capture their email address for future promotion.
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