Music For Film Is The Pillar Of Its Success

by:NUTAKE     2020-08-04
Silence is golden. It is undoubtedly a proven fact, but do you really think it to be appropriate in every sphere of life? In case you are thinking of a yes, you must go and watch a silent movie before answering the question. Absence of words and dialogues make a movie ineffective to the audiences. The best part of any movie is its music. Today, from a small child to a grown-up, you will find everyone dancing on the beats of the film music. This shows how important music for film is for the common people. When a movie is released, the fingers of the people behind the product remain crossed until they get good news about a huge box office collection. No doubt, the story, concept and theme of the movie matters, but no less important is its music when it comes to its success. In any film, silence, body language of the actors and their facial expression throw a great impact on the audience, but if music for film is absent, the filmmakers might not get the result as expected. Whether it is a romantic movie or a horror film, the music in it is enough to make the audiences feel the emotions attached to the characters. This is the reason that makes the directors devote enough time in selecting a relevant soundtrack or proper music for film based on what ultimately their movie sequences require. In comparison to the earlier times, it has been seen that music has become more popular nowadays. However, the increasing popularity of the different types of musical genres, most of the filmmakers have started taking this very important aspect of a movie for granted. As a result of which, the movie market is facing an adverse consequence. In a thriller, it is the instrumental music or background musical piece that tells you the killer is around and in a romantic film, it is the music for film, which makes you experience the emotions, actions, tensions and other feelings that the characters go through. Music for film, which was introduced in the past decades to drown out the sound of the projectors, has now become one of the integral parts of any movie. When the filmmakers receive a composition, it is the film music editor who decides on how will the musical composition be placed and presented in a movie. They are the ones who are assigned the task of ensuring the music for film to be in tempo with the movie scenes and sequences. Improper placement of the instrumental music within a movie distracts the audiences, thereby making the entire movie a failure. This makes it a necessity for the filmmakers as well as the film music editors to work carefully and make music, one of the important reasons for the success of the movie rather than the cause of its failure.
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