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by:NUTAKE     2020-08-05
Zem Music company started three new projects :- 1.Lucky Star Music and Business Programme:-Lucky Star music and business Programme is based on international market. It is not actually a competition.It is stable of international business with international art/film/music industry. Artists,Models,Actors,singers,businessman will be promoted in a international market through our company. Program Entry Planning:- Entry Fees-$30 per person,but u are a shareholder of our company. 50% profit for participated members in lucky star music and business Programme .Total profit is divided by 50% of all participated members.It's all depend upon company growth's. e.g. 1 member will paid $30 (50% profit for member through shareholder) Artists Money Profit:- All total business through artist account to participate in lucky star music and business competition then our company gave you 20% share of total business.Business offers to sponsors,shareholders,financier,new artists,advertisements,making feature films. Awards:- Daily Awards-5,000 gifts Weekly Awards-10,000 gifts Monthly Awards-50,000 gifts Yearly Awards-1 lakh to 10 lakh gifts Silver Awards- Depend upon on company . Golden Awards-Depend upon on company. Diamond Awards-Depend upon on company. LUCKY STAR MUSIC AND BUSINESS PROGRAMME WINNER AWARD- 1 CRORE RUPEES. Programme Shooting Schedule:- First time in Ludhiana,punjab at zem music studio. Second time in thailand at bangkok. Third time in any internation place. 2. Upcoming 3 feature films/movies in Hindi,Punjabi and English. 3. Lucky Star Lil Champ competition:- Lucky star lil champ competition for children artists like modelling,dancing,singing,acting,painting,speeching.Firstly,you will take some video's/photo's for performance of modelling,singing,dancing,acting and video for some words of topic social education(speech).You will send me video/photo at,you will send this video's/photo's and then our selection procedure will be started. Through this video you will get direct participate in lucky star lil champ live competition.In this competition,u will earn 100 points then our company gave winner awards and so many gifts for all participates.This competition programme for unlimited time period. During this competition,all money profit transferred in social work like blood camp medical,handicapped,non home children's i.e.zem welfare society. In this programme, money should be taken by sponsors depends on(no bond for sponsors) ,company should be taken all benefits of advertisements for sponsors and giving awarding the sponsors on programme. Registration fees: $10 Age group: 5 yrs tp 14 yrs Our new business & entertainment social networking websites will be launched on 15 august. If any Person interested in this projects contact on 91-0161-4656313,4587313,,,,,
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