Michael Jackson an Illustrious Character in Popular Music

by:NUTAKE     2020-10-13
Michael Joseph Jackson was born on August 29, 1958. Altogether, there were 10 children in his family, and he was the eighth that was born. This made him one of the youngest members in his family. They lived in Garry, Indiana. Michael Jackson's father worked in a steel mill in order to make the money that was needed to support the family. In his spare time, Michael Jackson's father, Joseph Walter Jackson performed with a band that was called Falcons. Jackson was abused by his father throughout his childhood both physically and verbally. Michael Jackson did not have the happy childhood that children wish to have. Following in their father's footsteps, his brothers Jermaine, Toto, and Jackie started performing in their own band beginning in 1964. During the year of 1964, Michael Jackson and his brother Marlon joined the band that his older brothers had previously started. In the beginning, Michael Jackson was a backup singer for the band. However, over the course of time, he began sharing the role of lead vocals with his brother Jermaine. They decided to call the band the Jackson 5. In 1968, the magazine Rolling Stone commented on Jackson noting that he was extremely talented. After this statement made by the magazine, Michael Jackson became the lead singer of the group. Michael Jackson met Quincy Jones in 1978 when he played a role in the musical The Wiz. The musical was a spinoff of the popular movie The Wizard of Oz. The musical did not do well in the box office, but it did provide Jackson with the ability to produce his first solo album, which was entitled Off the Wall, which was released in 1979. His first album became extremely popular, and four of the singles from this album were in the United States top 10. During this time, Jackson had broken his nose, and had his first plastic surgery in order to correct it. During 1980, Michael Jackson won many awards. He was the highest paid musician in the United States. He made 37 percent of the royalties of each album that was sold. He produced Someone in the Dark in 1982, and this album won him an award for the best children's recording. Besides this award, he also earned five more awards throughout the year. 1982 was a big year for Michael Jackson because that was when he made the album entitles Thriller. This album held the record for the highest amount of sales in the United States. Michael Jackson worked for a number of charities, and was given an award for his contributions by President Ronald Reagan. However, Jackson's life started going downhill in 1993. This was when he was accused of sexually abusing a child. During this year, he married Elvis Presley's daughter Lisa. Since there was so much attention on Jackson at the time, this marriage did not survive. In 1996, he remarried Deborah Jeanne Rowe. Michael Jackson was found dead on June 25, 2009 of a drug overdose.
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