Lili Marleen CD - A Trip Down The Memory Lane

by:NUTAKE     2020-08-08
Simply mention the name 'Lili Marleen' to a German and you will hear a lot of praises and good comments about it because this is a piece of work that the Germans are proud of. 'Lili Marleen' is a German love song which rose to fame during the Second World War. A Lili Marleen CD would be apt if you want to enjoy the song without settling for bad quality audio. At times the name of this song may also have an alternative spelling such as 'Lily Marlene'. The song is so popular that you will be able to get your hands on a Lili Marleen CD easily. Listening to Lili Marleen CD is like taking a trip down the memory lane because the song was penned down in the year 1915, at that time the First World War was in progress. It was then published in the year 1937 under the German name which when translated meant 'The song of a young soldier on watch'. Lale Andersen was the first to record this song in 1939 however the title of the track at that time was 'The girl under the lantern' in German. Because it is one of classic pieces of German military music, a Lili Marleen CD is definitely a worthy investment. From the year 1941 onwards, the main source of entertainment for the German armed forces was Radio Belgrade. At that time, since there was no such thing as a Lili Marleen CD as there is now, the song was played very often on the radio and this made it extremely popular throughout the Mediterranean as also in Europe. Music was definitely a prominent feature during that time especially since it was used as one of the main vehicles of propaganda by the Third Reich. Today, you don't need to rely on a radio to enjoy this kind of music and simply acquiring a Lili Marleen CD would solve the purpose. Lale Andersen was a German songwriter and singer who was best known for her recording of 'Lili Marleen'. She was the first to sing this song, which then soared in terms of popularity. If you get a Lili Marleen CD today, the singer may or may not be Andersen, but at that time the German soldiers got to hear her version only. Today, there are umpteen versions of 'Lili Marleen' and it is possible that the three which are most recognized versions namely Marlene Dietrich's, Connie Francis and Amanda Lear's can be found in a single Lili Marleen CD if so desired by the music enthusiast. Lale Andersen was born in Lehe and she met the writer of the song's music, Norbert Shultze when she was at Comedians Cabaret. She then recorded the song in the year 1939 but it wasn't until 1941 when the song was broadcasted on the radio that it became such a huge hit. At that time, Lale wasn't allowed to perform her songs in public since the Nazi officials disapproved of sad love songs about lovers who parted. Today, when people play a Lili Marleen CD they might not have any idea about the hardships that the singer or the writer went through. Since there was no such concept as a Lili Marleen CD to hear the song, radio was the only source for the soldiers. While the exact length of the song on a Lili Marleen CD may differ, they are somewhat close to four minutes and forty five seconds. If you don't want to enjoy just one version from a Lili Marleen CD, you can purchase a 7-CD box set from Bear Family, a specialty label. This set contains one hundred and ninety five different versions of the song in different languages. There are other reputed websites on the Internet as well which possess an original copy of this song and apart from enabling you to download it they also offer it in a CD in combination with other tracks of Nazi music.
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