Learning Through Toys

by:NUTAKE     2020-05-27
From the age of three children are aware of their toys and start learning from them. It is the way they interact and learn about the world. Usually children play with anything from rocks to sticks to any object they can get their hands on, however a toy has value and plays with the child's perception. An educational toy will educate, instruct and promote intellectuality, emotional or physical development. An educational toy can teach a child about a specific subject or can help a child develop a certain skill. The difference lies in the child's learning and interaction with the toy. In today's world, more toys are designed with the child's education and development in mind. Parents and schools alike are sensitive to the real or perceived developmental needs of children and toy manufacturers have taken this into account and have started manufacturing and marketing educational toys to parents and educators. Wooden toys last the longest and serve the main interest and durability for the child especially if the toy becomes a favourite. Educational toys enhance intellectual, social, emotional and physical development. They are designed in such a way to encourage reasonable development milestones within their age groups. For children in preschool, simple wooden blocks might be a good starting point for a child to begin to understand casual relationships, basic principles of science and develop their patience and hand eye coordination. For children moving towards elementary school, other sophisticated toys such interlocking manipulative toys like Lego or puzzles further aid these developmental skills. They improve hand - eye co-ordination, patience and help them understand spatial relationships. Finally, a child in elementary school will use sophisticated construction sets that include moving parts, motors and others to help further understand the complex workings of the world. The educational value is derived by the child and increases. Examples of educational toys are building toys such as toy blocks, automoblox wooden construction cars, scale models, models of real objects , model aircraft, model railroads, model cars and other vehicles, musical instruments, robot kits, Lego mindstorms, puzzles, construction toys and various speak and spell products. Through these toys and many others including arts and crafts kits, kids can express themselves and learn to demonstrate their creativity and grow into perceptive human beings. Through these toys they also learn the skills of interaction and the joy of learning new things. Therefore it is the responsibility of the adult to teach and nurture their kids with educational toys to help them grow.
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