Kids Are Eager For Communication If Talking to

by:NUTAKE     2020-05-28
As you know, almost all little kids like to play with toys such as stuffed animal toys, musical toys or wooden bus toys. However, in daily life, some parents find that their kids always hold toys and talk some words softly that can't be heard in a long distance. When parents walk into kids and ask them to talk with them, kids often refuse and don't say anything more. Why kids don't talk to parents or friends but willing to talk with toys? Children development experts give their standpoints that parents should pay more attention to this phenomenon because kids who always talk to toys have strong desire to communicate. Nowadays, parents always love their kids too much which lead them to rely on parents excessively. For a long time, insecure feeling emerged by nature can't be eliminated so that kids gradually are afraid of communicating with others. In addition, with babies grow up, they have less common topics with their parents. Under such circumstance, they begin to talk to themselves from boredom. Afterwards, they try to talk with toys. It seems that that toy can understand what they say. If things continue this way, kids form the habits that don't want to or not willing to communicate with other. In the future, it is easy for kids to form self-centered character even this situation will be improved after entering into pubertas. In fact, when kids talk to toys, it is a clue that they want to communicate with other people. However, this requirement always can't be satisfied in daily life. Therefore toys which are around them all the days become their first choice. Except for toys, they sometime talk to non-offensive animals such as little ants and even simply talk to themselves. How to resolve such status? If parents find that your baby always talks to toys or small animals, you should be aware of communicating with them. At this time, we should not to create independent environment for them. We can take them out to take part in some activities or go to friends or relatives' home to make them communicate with other kids at the same age. What's more, parents should learn to make friends with kids and make some common topics. If thinking about things with kids' consciousness, I am sure you would become the close friends with kids. If kids want to talk something, it will naturally find their parents to talk about it.
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