Independent Game of Baby Zero to Three Years Old

by:NUTAKE     2020-07-01
Playing game alone is the bud of baby self-reliance. Parents should give children private space and time to play alone, and offer necessary guidance and lead by aside. Playing alone is not only the privilege of elder children, and parents can also try to let the baby to experience the fun of playing game alone. Along with the growth of baby, they will have more various styles and more time playing individual games. 6 - 12 months Baby in this stage will be interested in their own small hands and feet. 8 months old babies like to study their hands and feet, mothers can let them develop this kind of interest in music, allow them to observe repeatedly, clench up small fist and release, play with fingers and toes, or send his foot with both hands into mouth, mothers never disturb them until the baby temporarily loses patience for this game. Usually they could only play 2-3 minutes alone, generally no more than 5 minutes. Another independent game is mirror. 9 months old baby will be very curious about himself in the mirrors. They are sometimes able to play alone in front of the mirror for a while, usually 3 -5 minutes. Hanging a mirror beside the baby bed is a nice choice. In addition, the edge of the mirror should be covered with wood or high quality plastic, smooth and delicate. 1 - 2 years At this stage, baby has sensitive hearings, so parents can invent some 'beat' games to let the baby distinguish the different sound. Provide baby with a metal spoon, wooden chopsticks, plastic bowl, steel bowl, ceramic cup etc, he will have high interest to beat here and there. A few days later, he will be happily to play his own 'pots and pans Symphony' alone. Baby will also have great fun to line and stack cups, though 'defeated' they can 'keep on fighting'. Parents should pay attention to security of the baby and not choose tools easy to break. 2 - 3 years At this stage, baby can alone wear beads. Different beads combinations will always make the baby excited, and he will like sit still to bead repeatedly alone, usually less than 10 minutes attention. Another game is playing water and sands. Almost all children have deep love for playing water and sand. Parents can prepare them some beach sand tools and water fun toys to guide them to dig holes, construct castles etc.
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