How to Rip Music From FLV Video

by:NUTAKE     2020-08-12
FLV, which means flash video, is a very popular media format for delivering video on most video sharing sites such as YouTube, and so on. While you are stream high quality video in FLV on the internet or via Adobe flash player, you sometimes need to save music only from the video. How to rip music from FLV video to MP3, WAV, AAC, etc? At first, it is easy for us to use online converting sites to convert FLV as mp3 files. When you open your website browser, you will find FLV2MP3, Get Audio from Video and Grab Tube and other sites. Go to these sites and then you can create new audio files by putting video portion URL address on their servers. You need to enter URL onto the text box options of 'URL' or 'Web Address' over websites servers. Click 'Browse' or 'local file' to choose a direct path for saving the output mp3 files. After that, only click 'Ok' or 'Upload' buttons for retrieving videos. Usually, if you have entered a large video file size, you need to wait for some time for uploading source. The option about 'convert to mp3' has the ability to proceed to convert right now. At last, when the websites has taken tasks of conversion smoothly, click download and save to rip files onto folders. Another option here, if you feel it takes a little long time to rip music from FLV by the use of above ways, you still can use a third party program. Frequently, we will spend amateur space to view interesting videos on YouTube and a site that provides streaming service. If we can keep pace ripping sound from YouTube video trailers, portion of video clip while we are watching them online, it gives us customization chance. As a matter of fact, with a special recording tool, we can get a huge collection of audio, music on any online video stored on the internet. There are audio recorders which embedded sound card simultaneously for detecting and recording current audio playing on your computers, regardless of where it comes from. To proceed to learn how to get recording software to rip music from FLV, you are asked to follow installing steps to activate it over your computer initially. Move mouse to navigate on a website, hit play of the video from which you plan to rip music. If the program contains the function to set recording period, you can let it strip audio from YouTube video automatically. In contrast, to click on and off choices on recorder's interface for ripping music from FLV is nor difficult. A free FLV extract would also help you to drop FLV files to video or audio respectively. You don't need to install anything, but only open dialogue of FLV extract to extract what you want to.
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