How to Restore iPod to PC

by:NUTAKE     2020-08-12
There will be times that you will need to change your computer. This might be caused by theft, wear and tear of the computer, or if you just want to change your computer. However, your new computer will not have all the backups you have in your old computer obviously. This may get you frustrated and in case that you lost all your music inside your iPod, there is no definitely no way to get those songs back. TO prevent that scenario you must restore iPod to PC. Here are the steps on how to do that. 1. The first thing to do is to update the iTunes to the latest version. If you do not have iTunes yet in your computer, you can download the latest version on the iTunes website. 2. After making sure that you have an updated iTunes, connect your iPod to your PC. To avoid any problems, press and hold the Shift and Control buttons in your keyboard before you connect the iPod. This is to prevent iTunes on synchronizing with your iPod. You will need to release the keys just after the iPod appear on iTunes. 3. After that, you must authorize iTunes to allow and accept the transferred content if some of the music files that you have are bought from a different computer. You must now click on Store from the menu of the iTunes program and then click the Authorize Computer. It will now ask for your username and password, provide the information needed. 4. After inputting the necessary information, you can now click File and then select Transfer Purchases. After that, a pop up warning will appear, click on the Transfer Purchases button. It will now start transferring all the purchased contents that you have in your iPod to your computer. 5. Then to recover all the files that are not purchased from iTunes in your iPod, access the iPod drive. To do that process to restore iPod to PC, open the My Computer window. Inside that window, the iPod drive or icon should be there, double click it. 6. To be able to proceed on the next steps, you must enable your computer to be able to see hidden files and folders. To do that, go to Control Panel, look for the folder options icon, double click it. In the dialog box that will appear, there will be four tabs, namely General, View, File Types, and Offline Files. You must click on the View tab. After that, look for the Show Hidden Files and Folders option, click on it, and then click on the OK button on the bottom. 7. After doing the necessary task in the Folder Option dialog box, you should now see a folder named iPod_Control. Double click on that folder and a bunch of folders will appear and the Music folder is one of them. The Music folder contains all the songs that you have in the iPod. You can just copy the Music folder to your desktop. With that, all the music inside in your iPod should have a copy in your computer now and you are now finished on your task to restore iPod to PC.
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