How to Raise a Smarter, Healthier, and Safer Baby

by:NUTAKE     2020-07-02
Parenthood is one of life's most enjoyable and challenging experiences. As parents, we want to feed them the most nutritious foods, mind-developing activities, and keep them safe. This is the reason why it is crucial to be aware of the three ways that we can improve our baby's well-being in these areas. There are specific products and healthy lifestyle changes that can be very valuable. With the help of kids learning toys, a food processor, and an excellent car seat, our little ones will grow up to be well-adjusted and healthy people. What to Look for in a Baby Car Seat The National Transportation and Safety Administration has found that driving accidents are the leading cause of death for children ages 2 to 14 in the U.S. Many of these fatalities can be avoided with the proper use and installation of a car seat. Pick a rear-facing seat that will accommodate an infant weighing up to either 20 or 40 pounds and then take the seat to your city fire house so they can show you how to properly install it in your car. Over 90% of all car seats are installed inadequately, a mistake that can lead to major so be sure you learn how to install it right! Then, purchase a booster seat, which is the last type of car seat that a child needs prior to being able to use only the car's seat belt. A Food Processor is the First Step to a Healthier Baby The American Pediatric Association advises that babies get a wide variety of fruits and vegetables as a part of their main solid food sources. Sure, buying pre-made baby food is easy, but it can be difficult to afford. Nevertheless, in today's economy, preparing your own baby food with a food processor is a great way to save money while serving your baby the very best. Choose organic produce whenever available and look for offers on these items in your weekly food flyers. By purchasing organic produce, your baby will be consuming food that has no harmful pesticides. Several organic food agencies report that being exposed to pesticides in our food can lead to cancer. Baby Learning Toys Are the First Step to a Smarter Baby Well-selected kids learning toys will provide your baby's mind with the opportunity to develop properly. As far as colors go, black and white are best for babies in the first stages of infancy (about 4-8 weeks of age). Lines, squiggles, and zig-zags are all shapes for baby to observe and improve their brain development . Incidentally, science has suggested that mobiles such as these stimulate brain waves in babies' brains and lead to better brain development. For babies in the two month to 5 month range, colors are distinguishable and they crave interactivity. Large picture books, chunky wooden puzzles, and toys such as plastic circular rings that can stack on a center unit are all best types of learning toys. By energizing your little one's development with good educational toys, feeding them organic pureed produce, and properly installing a car seat, you'll be giving them the very best care to get them started in life.
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