How To Promote Jazz Music Online

by:NUTAKE     2020-08-14
Checklist: 1.Record, mix and master a high quality jazz music cd this first step is critical and you have to make sure that you are putting out professional sounding work. 2.Get An ISRC code from for your jazz music cd 3.Assign a unique ISRC code for each song on your jazz music cd this is like an online bar code for each song so it is identified as your material. 4.Affiliate as a writer and publisher with BMI, ASCAP or SESAC . These organizations will collect your songwriting and publishing royalties. 5.Register each song on your jazz music cd with the organization you selected: BMI, ASCAP or SESAC . This is the only way the organizations know to collect royalties on your behalf. 6.Get a Bar Code - purchase for $30 from - Pretty self explanatory, every cd needs a bar code. 7.Complete your artwork. Don't forget to give credit to other contributors to your cd. 8.Copyright your music with the us copyright office. You can do this online at for around $30. 9.Register your project with soundscan. This will track the sales of each cd. 10.If you are going to promote your jazz music cd on the radio , you need to encode your music with mediabase, bds and mediaguide so they track your spins. 11. Distribute your jazz music online Here are easy places that you can distribute painlessly. , 12.Set up your social media accounts most importantly with Youtube, Twitter, Facebook. Include your jazz music online sales links (amazon and itunes ) 13.Develop an easy to navigate non flash website: include all the essentials, your description, a purchase button or whatever your call to action. This sites main objective is to sell music so they have given several options on how to sell their jazz music online. 14.Optimize your site to rank on page 1 of google. Optimizing Steps at a glance your keywords pick words that users would search to find a product similar to yours b.research keywords global and local search count make sure it is popular but not too popular that it would would be very competitive for you to rank your keywords and use it in the body of your website. Write a paragraph and use your keywords in that paragraph. Make sure it makes sense don't just stuff your keywords in there otherwise you will get penalized by the search engines. d.on page optimization ( use your keywords in your title, meta tags, headings, anchor text, digital asset optimization, sitemap, google analytics) page optimization submit your smooth jazz online project to (directories, social bookmarking, blog submissions, photo sharing sites) f.If you don't have a music video, create a simple video using images and embed music and launch jazz music online video. Hopefully the above information will give you a guideline of the basic steps needed pre and post the launch your Free jazz music online. Its always helpful to have the information you need at a glance in order to avoid getting overwhelmed. When in doubt do a Google search on the items on the checklist above and you will find a wealth of additional information. One other final tip try a free giveaway in exchange for an email address. This way you can communicate with your email list with the latest offer you have, newsletters etc: topspin will allow you to do that.
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